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Chapter 25

Mahabharata English - ANUSASANA PARVA

“Yudhishthira said, ‘It has been said that sojourns to sacred waters asfraught with merit; that ablutions in such waters is meritorious; andthat listening to the excellence of such waters is also meritorious. Idesire to hear thee expatiate on this subject, O grandsire. It behoveththee, O chief of Bharata’s race, to mention to me the sacred waters thatexist on this earth. I desire, O thou of great puissance, to hear theediscourse on this topic.’

“Bhishma said, ‘O thou of great splendour, the following enumeration ofthe sacred waters on the Earth was made by Angiras. Blessed be thou, itbehoveth thee to listen to it for thou shalt then earn great merit. Onceon a time, Gautama of rigid vows, approaching the great and learned RishiAngiras endued with tranquillity of soul, while he was dwelling in aforest, questioned him, saying,–O illustrious one, I have some doubtsregarding the merits attaching to sacred waters and shrines. So I desireto hear thee discourse on that topic. Do thou, therefore, O ascetic,discourse to me. What merits are earned by a person in respect of thenext world, by bathing in the sacred waters on the Earth, O thou of greatwisdom? Do thou expound to me this truly and according to the ordinance.’

“Angiras said, ‘A person by bathing for seven days in succession in theChandrabhaga or the Vitasta whose waters are always seen to dance inwaves, observing a fast the while, is sure to become cleansed of all hissins and endued with the merit of an ascetic.[233] The very many riversthat flowing through Kasmira, fall into the great river called Sindhu(Indus). By bathing in these rivers one is sure to become endued withgood character and to ascend to heaven after departing from this world.By bathing in Pushkara, and Prabhasa, and Naimisha, and the ocean, andDevika, and Indramarga, and Swarnavindu, one is sure to ascend to heavenbeing seated on a celestial car, and filled with transports of joy at theadorations of Apsara. By plunging in the waters of Hiranyavindu with aconcentrated mind and reverencing that sacred stream, and bathing next atKusesaya and Devendra, one becomes cleansed of all one’s sins. Repairingto Indratoya in the vicinity of the mountains of Gandhamadana and next toKaratoya in the country called Kuranga, one should observe a fast forthree days and then bathe in those sacred waters with a concentratedheart and pure body. By doing this, one is sure to acquire the merit of aHorse-sacrifice. Bathing in Gangadwara and Kusavarta and Vilwaka in theNita mountains, as also in Kankhala, one is sure to become cleansed ofall one’s sins and then ascend to heaven. If one becomes a Brahmacharinand subdues one’s wrath, devotes oneself to truth and practisescompassion towards all creatures, and then bathes in the Jala parda (Lakeof Waters), one is sure to acquire the merit of a Horse-sacrifice. Thatpart where Bhagirathi-Ganga flows in a northward direction is known asthe union of heaven, earth, and the nether regions. Observing a fast forone month and bathing in that sacred Tirtha which is known to beacceptable to Maheswara, one becomes competent to behold the deities. Onewho gives oblations of water unto one’s Pitris at Saptaganga and Trigangaand Indramarga, obtains ambrosia for food, if one has still to undergorebirth. The man who in a pure state of body and mind attends to hisdaily Agnihotra and observes a fast for one month and then baths inMahasrama, is sure to attain success in one month. By bathing, after afast of three days and purifying the mind of all evil passions, in thelarge lake of Bhrigu Kunda, one becomes cleansed of even the sin ofBrahmanicide. By bathing in Kanyakupa and performing one’s ablutions inValaka, one acquires great fame among even the deities and shines inglory. Bathing in Devika and the lake known by the name of Sundarika asalso in the Tirtha called Aswini, one acquires, in one’s next life, greatbeauty of form. By fasting for a fortnight and bathing in Mahaganga andKrittikangaraka, one becomes cleansed of all one’s sins and ascends toheaven. Bathing in Vaimanika and Kinkinika, one acquires the power ofrepairing everywhere at will and becomes an object of great respect inthe celestial region of the Apsaras.[234] If a person, subduing his wrathand observing the vow of Brahmacharyya for three days, bathes in theriver Vipasa at the retreat called Kalika, he is sure to succeed intranscending the obligation of rebirth. Bathing in the asylum that issacred to the Krittakas and offering oblations of water to the Pitris,and then gratifying Mahadeva, one becomes pure in body and mind andascends to heaven. If one, observing a fast for three days with apurified body and mind, bathes in Mahapura, one becomes freed from thefear of all mobile and immobile animals as also of all animals having twofeet. By bathing in the Devadaru forest and offering oblations of waterto the Pitris and dwelling there for seven nights with a pure body andmind, one attains to the region of the deities on departing from thisworld. Bathing in the waterfalls at Sarastamva and Kusastambha andDronasarmapada, one is sure to attain to the region of the Apsaras whereone is waited upon with dutiful services by those superhuman beings. Ifone, observing a fast, bathes at Chitrakuta and Janasthana and the watersof Mandakini, one is sure to be united with prosperity that isroyal.[235] By repairing to the retreat that is known by the name ofSamya and residing there for a fortnight and bathing in the sacred waterthat exists there, one acquires the power of disappearing at will (andenjoy the happiness that has been ordained for the Gandharvas). Repairingto the tirtha known by the name of Kausiki and residing there with a pureheart and abstaining from all food and drink for three days, one acquiresthe power of dwelling (in one’s next life) in the happy region of theGandharvas. Bathing in the delightful tirtha that goes by the name ofGandhataraka and residing there for one month, abstaining all the whilefrom food and drink, one acquires the power of disappearing at pleasureand, then one and twenty days, of ascending to heaven. He that bathes inthe lake known by the name of Matanga is sure to attain to success in onenight. He that bathes in Analamva or in eternal Andhaka, or in Naimisha,or the tirtha called Swarga, and offers oblations of water to the Pitris,subduing his senses the while, acquires the Merit of a humansacrifice.[236] Bathing in Ganga hrada and the tirtha known by the nameof Utpalavana and daily offering oblations of water there for a fullmonth to the Pitris, one acquires the merit of a Horse-sacrifice. Bathingin the confluence of the Ganga and the Yamuna as also at the tirtha inthe Kalanjara mountains and offering every day oblations of water to thePitris for a full month, one acquires the merit that attaches to tenHorse-sacrifices. Bathing in the Shashthi lake one acquires merit muchgreater than what is attached to the gift of food. Ten thousand tirthasand thirsty millions of other tirthas come to Prayaga (the confluence ofGanga and Yamuna), O chief of Bharata’s race in the month of Magha. Hewho bathes in Prayaga, with a restrained soul and observing rigid vowsthe while, in the month of Magha, becomes cleansed of all his sins, Ochief of Bharata’s race, and attains to heaven. Bathing in the tirthathat is sacred to the Maruts, as also in that which is situate in theretreat of the Pitris, and also in that which is known by the name ofVaivaswata, one becomes cleansed of all one’s sins and becomes as pureand sanctified as a tirtha. Repairing to Brahmasaras as also to theBhagirathi and bathing there and offering oblations to the Pitris everyday for a full month, abstaining from food all the while, one is sure toattain to the region of Soma, Bathing in Utpataka and then in Ashtavakraand offering oblations of water to the Pitris every day for twelve daysin succession, abstaining the while from food, one acquires the merits ofa Horse-sacrifice. Bathing in Asmaprishtha and Niravinda mountains andKraunchapadi,–all three in Gaya–one becomes cleansed of the sin ofBrahmanicide. A bath in the first place cleanses one of a singleBrahmanicide; a bath in the second cleanses one of two offences of thatcharacter; and a bath in the third cleanses one of three such offences.Bathing in Kalavinga, one acquires a large quantity of water (for use inthe next world). A man, by bathing in the city of Agni, acquires suchmerit as entitles him to live during his next birth in the city of Agni’sdaughter. Bathing in Visala in Karavirapura and offering oblations ofwater unto one’s Pitris, and performing one’s ablutions in Devahrada too,one becomes identified with Brahma and shines in glory as such. Bathingin Punaravarta-nanda as also Mahananda, a man of restrained senses anduniversal compassion repairs to the celestial gardens called Nandana ofIndra and is waited upon there by Apsaras of diverse tribes. Bathing withconcentrated soul in the tirtha that is called after the name of Urvasiand that is situate in the river Lohitya, on the day of full moon of themonth of Kartika, one attains to the merits that attach to the sacrificecalled Pundarika. Bathing in Ramahrada and offering oblations of water tothe Pitris in the river Vipasa (Beas), and observing a fast for twelvedays, one becomes cleansed of all sins. Bathing in the tirtha calledMaha-hrada with a purified heart and after observing a fast for onemonth, one is sure to attain to the end which was the sage Jamadagni’s.By exposing oneself to heat in the tirtha called Vindhya, a persondevoted to truth and endued with compassion for all creatures should thenbetake himself to austere penances, actuated by humility. By so doing, heis sure to attain to ascetic success in course of a single month. Bathingin the Narmada as also in the tirtha known by the name of Surparaka,observing a fast for a full fortnight, one is sure to become in one’snext birth a prince of the royal line. If one proceeds with restrainedsenses and a concentrated soul to the tirtha known under the name ofJamvumarga, one is sure to attain to success in course of a single dayand night. By repairing to Chandalikasrama and bathing in the tirthacalled Kokamukha, having subsisted for sometime on potherbs alone andworn rags for vestments, one is sure to obtain ten maidens of greatbeauty for one’s spouses. One who lives by the side of the tirtha knownby the name of Kanya-hrada has never to go to the regions of Yama. Such aperson is sure to ascend to the regions of felicity that belong to thecelestials. One who bathes with restrained senses on the day of the newmoon in the tirtha known by the name of Prabhasa, is sure, O thou ofmighty arms, of at once attaining to success and immortality. Bathing inthe tirtha known by the name of Ujjanaka which occurs in the retreat ofArshtisena’s son, and next in the tirtha that is situate in the retreatof Pinga, one is sure to be cleansed of all one’s sins. Observing a fastfor three days and bathing in the tirtha known as Kulya and reciting thesacred mantras that go by the name of Aghamarshana, one attains the meritof a horse-sacrifice. Observing a fast for one night and bathing inPindaraka, one becomes purified on the dawn of the next day and attainsto the merit of an Agnishtoma sacrifice. One who repairs to Brahmasarawhich is adorned by the woods called Dharmaranya, becomes cleansed of allone’s sins and attains to the merit of the Pundarika sacrifice. Bathingin the waters of the Mainaka mountain and saying one’s morning andevening prayers there and living at the spot for a month, restrainingdesire, one attains to the merit of all the sacrifices. Setting out forKalolaka and Nandikunda and Uttara-manasa, and reaching a spot that ishundred yojanas remote from any of them, one becomes cleansed of the sinof foeticide, One who succeeds in obtaining a sight of image ofNandiswara, becomes cleansed of all sins. Bathing in the tirtha calledSwargamarga one is sure to proceed to the regions of Brahman. Thecelebrated Himavat is sacred. That prince of mountains is thefather-in-law of Sankara. He is a mine of all jewels and gems and is theresort of the Siddhas and Charanas. That regenerate person who is fullyconversant with the Vedas and who, regarding this life to be exceedinglyunstable, casts off his body on those mountains, abstaining from all foodand drink in accordance with the rites laid down in the scriptures, afterhaving adored the deities and bent his head in worship of the ascetics,is sure to attain to success and proceed to the eternal regions ofBrahman. There is nothing unattainable to him who resides in a tirtha,restraining lust and subjugating wrath, in consequence of such residence.For the purpose of repairing to all the tirthas in the world, one shouldmentally think of those amongst them that are almost inaccessible orsojourns to which are attended with insurmountable difficulties. Sojournsto tirthas is productive of the merits of sacrifices. They are competentto cleanse everybody of sin. Fraught with great excellence, they arecapable of leading to heaven. The subject is truly a great mystery. Thevery deities should bathe in tirthas. To them also they aresin-cleansing. This discourse on tirthas should be imparted to Brahmanas,and to such honest or righteous persons as are bent upon achieving whatis for their own good. It should also be recited in the hearing of one’swell-wishers and friends and of one’s obedient and devoted disciples.Angiras possessed of great ascetic merit, had imparted this discourse toGautama. Angiras himself had obtained it from Kasyapa of greatintelligence. The great Rishi regard this discourse as worthy of constantrepetition. It is the foremost of all cleansing things. If one recites itregularly every day, one is sure to become cleansed of every sin and toproceed to heaven after the termination of this life. One who listens tothis discourse recited in his hearing,–this discourse, viz., of Angiras,that is regarded as a mystery,–is sure to attain in one’s next life tobe born in a good family and, what is more, one would become endued withthe memory of one’s previous existence.'”

Chapter 24
Chapter 26
🙏 धर्म और आध्यात्म को जन-जन तक पहुँचाने में हमारा साथ दें| 🙏