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Chapter 24

Mahabharata English - ANUSASANA PARVA

“Yudhishthira said, ‘O royal son of Bharata’s race, it behoveth thee toanswer this question of mine truly and in detail. What are thosecircumstances under which a person may become guilty of Brahmanicidewithout actually slaying a Brahmana!’

“Bhishma said, ‘Formerly, O monarch, I had one day requested Vyasa toexplain to me this very subject. I shall now narrate to thee what Vyasatold me on that occasion. Do thou listen to it with undivided attention.Repairing to the presence of Vyasa, I addressed him, saying,–Thou, Ogreat ascetic, art the fourth in descent from Vasishtha. Do thou explainto me this. What are those circumstances under which one becomes guiltyof Brahmanicide without actually slaying a Brahmana,–Thus addressed byme, the son of Parasara’s loins, O king, well-skilled ‘n the science ofmorality, made me the following answer, at once excellent and fraughtwith certainty, Thou shouldst know that man as guilty of Brahmanicide whohaving of his own will invited a Brahmana of righteous conduct to hishouse for giving him alms subsequently refuses to give anything to him onthe pretence of there being nothing in the house. Thou shouldst, OBharata, know that man as guilty of Brahmanicide who destroys the meansof living of a Brahmana learned in the Vedas and all their branches, andwho is freed from attachments to worldly creatures and goods. Thoushouldst, O king, know that man to be guilty of Brahmanicide, who causesobstructions in the way of thirsty kine while employed in quenching thatthirst. Thou shouldst take that man as guilty of Brahmanicide who,without studying the Srutis that have flowed from preceptor to pupil forages and ages together, finds fault with the Srutis or with thosescriptures that have been composed by the Rishis. Thou shouldst know thatman as guilty of Brahmanicide who does not bestow upon a suitablebride-groom his daughter possessed of beauty and other excellentaccomplishments. Thou shouldst know that foolish and sinful person to beguilty of Brahmanicide who inflicts such grief upon Brahmanas as afflictthe very core of their hearts. Thou shouldst know that man to be guiltyof Brahmanicide who robs the blind, the lame, and idiots of their all.Thou shouldst know that man to be guilty of Brahmanicide who sets fire tothe retreats of ascetics or to woods or to a village or a town.'”

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