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Sanjaya said, “Then Abhimanyu, accompanied by Bhimasena pursuing thysons, afflicted them all.

“Dhritarashtra said,–‘Tell me truly, O Sanjaya, the names of all theVarshas, and of all the mountains, and also of all those that dwell onthose mountains.

Sanjaya said, “Then when the sun assumed a red hue, king Duryodhana,desirous of battle, rushed towards Bhima from desire of slaying him.

Sanjaya said, “Then those heroes, O king, who cherished feelings ofhostility towards one another, retired to their tents, their personscovered with blood.

Sanjaya said, “O chief of the Bharatas, Ganga’s son, once more addressingthy son who was plunged in thought, told him these delightful words,’Myself and

Sanjaya said, “And when the battle was thus raging and after Susarman hadceased fighting, and the (other) heroic warriors (of the Kuru army) hadbeen routed by the high-souled son of

Dhritarashtra said, “Many and wonderful, O Sanjaya, were the singlecombats I hear thee speak of between the Pandavas and my warriors.

Sanjaya said, “Then when the sun attained the meridian, kingYudhishthira, beholding Srutayush, urged on his steeds. And the kingrushed at Srutayush, that chastiser of foes, striking him with ninestraight shafts of keen points.

Sanjaya said, “Then the mighty Dhananjaya, struck with those shafts anddrawing long breaths like a trodden snake, cut off, with great force, bymeans of his successive shafts, the bows of those mighty car-warriors.

Sanjaya said,–“Approaching then thy son Chitrasena of great energy whohad thus been deprived of his car, thy son Vikarna caused him to mount onhis car.

Sanjaya said, “Having passed the night in sound steep, those rulers ofmen, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, once more proceeded to battle.

Sanjaya said, “The Pandavas were incapable of even looking at Bhishmaexcited with rage in battle and scorching every side like the Sun himselfshedding scorching heat.

“Dhritarashtra said,–‘Tell me truly (O Sanjaya) of this Varsha that iscalled after Bharata, where this senseless force hath been collected, inrespect of which this my son Duryodhana hath been so very covetous, whichthe sons of Pandu also are desirous of obtaining, and in which my mindtoo sinketh.

Dhritarashtra said, “Beholding my sons, so many in number, O Sanjaya,slain by a single person, what did Bhishma and Drona and Kripa do inbattle?[432] Day after day, O Sanjaya, my sons are being slain.

Sanjaya said, “During the progress, O king, of that fierce battle fraughtwith the slaughter of great heroes, Sakuni the glorious son of Suvala,rushed against the Pandavas.

Dhritarashtra said, “Tell me, O Sanjaya, all that the mighty Partha didin battle when they heard that Iravat had been slain.”

Sanjaya said,–“That arrowy shower, difficult of being borne by even theDanavas, king Duryodhana, however, (quietly) bore in that battle, like agigantic elephant bearing a shower (from the blue).

Sanjaya said, “Having in that battle made all those warriors (of thyarmy) turn their faces from the field, the Rakshasa then, O chief of theBharatas, rushed at Duryodhana, desirous of slaying him.

Sanjaya said, “Beholding his own troops slain, king Duryodhana thenexcited with wrath, rushed towards Bhimasena, that chastiser of foes.

Sanjaya said, “After that great battle, king Duryodhana, approachingGanga’s son and saluting him with humility, began to narrate to him allthat had happened about the victory won by Ghatotkacha and his owndefeat.

Sanjaya said, “Hearing that his son Iravat had been slain, Dhananjaya wasfilled with great grief and sighed like a snake.

Sanjaya said, “Then king Duryodhana, and Sakuni the son of Suvala, andthy son Dussasana, and the invincible Suta’s son (Karna) meetingtogether, consulted in the following way.

Sanjaya said, “The high-souled Bhishma, deeply pierced with wordy daggersby thy son, became filled with great grief. But he said not a singledisagreeable word in reply.

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