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Chapter 93

Mahabharata English - BHISHMA PARVA

Sanjaya said,–“That arrowy shower, difficult of being borne by even theDanavas, king Duryodhana, however, (quietly) bore in that battle, like agigantic elephant bearing a shower (from the blue).[442] Then filled withanger and sighing like a snake, thy son, O bull of Bharata’s race, wasplaced in a position of great danger. He then shot five and twenty sharparrows of keen points. These, O king, fell with great force on that bullamong Rakshasas, like angry snakes of virulent poison on the breast ofGandhamadana. Pierced with those shafts, blood trickled down theRakshasa’s body and he looked like an elephant with rent temples.[443]Thereupon that cannibal set his heart upon the destruction of the (Kuru)king. And he took up a huge dart that was capable of piercing even amountain. Blazing with light, effulgent as a large meteor, it flamed withradiance like the lightning itself. And the mighty-armed Ghatotkacha,desirous of slaying thy son, raised that dart. Beholding that dartupraised, the ruler of the Vangas mounting upon an elephant huge as ahill, drove towards the Rakshasa. On the field of battle, with the mightyelephant of great speed, Bhagadatta placed himself in the very front ofDuryodhana’s car. And with that elephant he completely shrouded the carof thy son. Beholding then the way (to Duryodhana’s car) thus covered bythe intelligent king of the Vangas, the eyes of Ghatotkacha, O king,became red in anger. And he ruled that huge dart, before upraised, atthat elephant. Struck, O king, with that dart hurled from the arms ofGhatotkacha, that elephant, covered with blood and in great agony, felldown and died. The mighty king of the Vangas, however, quickly jumpingdown from that elephant, alighted on the ground. Duryodhana thenbeholding the prince of elephants slain, and seeing also his troopsbroken and giving way, was filled with anguish. From regard, however, fora Kshatriya’s duty[444] as also his own pride, the king, though defeated,stood firm like a hill. Filled with wrath and aiming a sharp arrow thatresembled the Yuga fire in energy, he sped it at that fierce wanderer ofthe night. Beholding that arrow, blazing as Indra’s bolt, thus coursingtowards him, the high-souled Ghatotkacha baffled it by the celerity ofhis movements. With eyes red in wrath, he once more shouted fiercely,frightening all thy troops, like the clouds that appear at the end of theYuga. Hearing those fierce roars of the terrible Rakshasa, Bhishma theson of Santanu, approaching the preceptor, said these words, ‘Thesefierce roars that are heard, uttered by Rakshasas, without doubt indicatethat Hidimva’s son is battling with king Duryodhana. That Rakshasa isincapable of being vanquished in battle by any creature. Therefore,blessed be ye, go thither and protect the king. The blessed Duryodhanahath been attacked by the high-souled Rakshasa. Therefore, ye chastisersof foes, even this is our highest duty.[445]’ Hearing those words of thegrandsire, those mighty car-warriors without loss of time and with theutmost speed, proceeded to the spot when the king of the Kurus was. Theymet Duryodhana and Somadatta and Valhika and Jayadratha; and Kripa andBhurisravas and Salya, and the two princes of Avanti along withVrihadvala, and Aswatthaman and Vikarna, and Chitrasena and Vivinsati.And many thousands of other car-warriors, including all those thatfollowed them, proceeded, desirous of rescuing thy son Duryodhana who hadbeen hotly pressed. Beholding that invincible division protected by thosemighty car-warriors, coming towards him with hostile intentions, thatbest of Rakshasas, viz., the mighty-armed Ghatotkacha, stood firm likethe Mainaka mountain, with a huge bow in hand, and surrounded by hiskinsmen armed with clubs and mallets and diverse other kinds of weapons.Then commenced a fierce battle, making the hair stand on end, betweenthose Rakshasas on the one side and that foremost of Duryodhana’sdivisions on the other. And the loud noise of twanging bows in thatbattle was heard, O king, on all sides resembling the noise made byburning bamboos. And the din produced by the weapons falling upon thecoats of mail of the combatants resembled, O king, the noise of splittinghills. And the lances, O monarch, hurled by heroic arms, while coursingthrough the welkin, looked like darting snakes. Then, excited with greatwrath and drawing his gigantic bow, the mighty-armed prince of theRakshasas, uttering a loud roar, cut off, with a crescent-shaped arrow,the preceptor’s bow in a rage. And overthrowing, with anotherbroad-headed arrow, the standard of Somadatta, he uttered a loud yell.And he pierced Valhika with three shafts in the centre of the chest. Andhe pierced Kripa with one arrow, and Chitrasena with three. And withanother arrow, well-armed and well-sped from his bow drawn to its fulleststretch, he struck Vikarna at the shoulder-joint. Thereupon the latter,covered with gore, sat down on the terrace of his car. Then that Rakshasaof immeasurable soul, excited With rage, O bull of Bharata’s race, spedat Bhurisravas five and ten shafts. These, penetrating through thelatter’s armour, entered the earth. He then struck the chariot ofVivingsati and Aswatthaman. These fell down on the front of their cars,relinquishing the reins of the steeds. With another crescent-shaped shafthe overthrew the standard of Jayadratha bearing the device of a boar anddecked with gold. And with a second arrow he cut off the latter’s bow.And with eyes red in wrath, he slew with four shafts the four steeds ofthe high-souled king of Avanti. And with another arrow, O king,well-tempered and sharp, and shot from his bow drawn to its fulleststretch, he pierced king Vrihadvala. Deeply pierced and exceedinglypained, the latter sat down on the terrace of his car. Filled with greatwrath and seated on his car, the prince of the Rakshasas then shot manybright arrows of keen points that resembled snakes of virulent poison.These, O king, succeeded in piercing Salya accomplished in battle.”



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