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Chapter 198

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Next morning, under a cloudless sky, all the kings,urged by Dhritarashtra’s son, Duryodhana,–set out against the Pandavas.And all of them had purified themselves by baths, were decked ingarlands, and attired in white robes. And having poured libations onfire, caused Brahmanas to utter benedictions on them, they took up theirweapons and raised their (respective) standards. And all of them wereconversant with the Vedas, and endued with great bravery, and hadpractised excellent vows. And all of them were grantors of (otherpeople’s) wishes, and all were skilled in battle. Endued with greatstrength, they set out, reposing confidence on one another, and withsingleness of purpose desiring to win in battle the highest regions. Andfirst Vinda and Anuvinda, both of Avanti, and Kekayas, and the Vahlikas,all set out with Bharadwaja’s son at their head. Then came Aswatthaman,and Santanu’s son (Bhishma), and Jayadratha of the country of the Sindhu,and the kings of the southern and the western countries and of the hillyregions, and Sakuni, the ruler of the Gandharas, and all the chiefs ofthe eastern and the northern regions, and the Sakas, the Kiratas, andYavanas, the Sivis and the Vasatis with their Maharathas at the heads oftheir respective divisions. All these great car-warriors marched in thesecond division. Then came Kritavarman at the head of his troops, andthat mighty car-warrior, viz., the ruler of the Trigartas, and the kingDuryodhana surrounded by his brothers, and Sala, and Bhurisravas, andSalya, and Vrihadratha, the ruler of the Kosalas. These all marched inthe rear, with Dhritarashtra’s sons at their head. And all theseDhartarashtras endued with great might, uniting together in proper order,and all clad in mail, took up their position at the other end ofKurukshetra, and, O Bharata, Duryodhana caused his encampment to be soadorned as to make it look like a second Hastinapura. Indeed, O king,even those that were clever among the citizens of Hastinapura could notdistinguish their city from the encampment. And the Kuru king causedinaccessible pavilions, similar to his own, to be erected by hundreds andthousands for the (other) kings (in his army). And those tents, O king,for the accommodation of the troops were well-planted on an areameasuring full five yojanas of that field of battle. And into those tentsby thousands that were full of provisions, the rulers of the earthentered, each according to his courage according to the strength hepossessed. And king Duryodhana ordered excellent provisions to besupplied for all those high-souled kings with their troops consisting ofinfantry, elephants, and horses, and with all their followers. And asregards all those that subsisted upon mechanical arts and all the bards,singers, and panegyrists devoted to his cause, and vendors and traders,and prostitutes, and spies, and persons who had come to witness thebattle, the Kuru king made due provision for all of them.'”



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