Chapter 172

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Bhishma said, ‘That subjugator of hostile cities, Sikhandin, the son ofthe king of the Panchalas, is, O king, in my judgment, one of theforemost of Yudhishthira’s Rathas. Having divested himself on his formersex, he will fight in battle and earn great fame, O Bharata, among thytroops! He hath a large number of troops,–Panchalas andPrabhadrakas,–to support him. With those hosts of cars he will achievegreat feats. Dhrishtadyumna also, O Bharata, the leader of allYudhishthira’s army, that mighty car-warrior who is also a disciple ofDrona, is, O king, in my judgment, an Atiratha. Afflicting all foes inbattle, he will singly sweep the field, like Pinaka,–bearing God himselfin rage on the occasion of the universal dissolution. Even great warriorswill speak of his car-divisions, so multitudinous are they, as resemblingthe very ocean or that of the gods, in battle! Kshattradharman, the sonof Dhrishtadyumna, owing to his immature years, as also in consequence ofhis want of exercise in arms, is, in my judgment, O king, only half aRatha. That relative of the Pandavas, the mighty bowman Dhrishtaketu, theheroic son of Sisupala, the king of the Chedis, is a Maharatha. Thatbrave ruler of the Chedis will, O king, with his son, achieve feats suchas are difficult for even a Maharatha. Kshattradeva, that subjugator ofhostile cities, who is devoted to Kshatriya virtues, is, O great king, inmy judgment, one of the best Rathas among the Pandavas. Those bravewarriors among the Panchalas, viz., Jayanta and Amitaujas and the greatcar-warrior Satyajit are all, O king, high-souled Maharathas. They willall, O sire, fight in battle like furious elephants. Aja and Bhoja, bothendued with great prowess, are both Maharathas. Possessed of great might,those two heroes will fight for the Pandavas. Both of them are enduedwith great lightness of hand in the use of weapons. Both of them areconversant with all the modes of warfare, both are well-skilled andpossessed of firm prowess. The five Kshatriya brothers, O king, who aredifficult of being vanquished, and all of whom have blood red banners,are foremost of the Rathas. Kasika, and Sukumara, and Nila, and thatother one, viz., Suryadatta, and Sankha, otherwise called Madiraswa, areall in my judgment, the foremost of Rathas. Possessed of everyqualification that renders them fit for battle, they are acquainted withall weapons, and all of them are endued with high souls. Vardhakshemi, Oking, is in my judgment, a Maharatha. King Chitrayudha is, in myjudgment, one of the best of Rathas. He is, besides, an asset in battleand devotedly attached to the diadem-decked (Arjuna). Those mightycar-warriors, those tigers among men, Chekitana, and Satyadhriti, are twoof the best Rathas of the Pandavas in my judgment. Vyaghradatta, Omonarch, and Chandrasena also, O Bharata, are without doubt two of thebest Rathas, as I think, of the Pandavas. Senavindu, O king, otherwisecalled Krodhahantri by name, who, O lord, is regarded as equal ofVasudeva and of Bhimasena, will contend with great prowess in battleagainst your warriors. Indeed, that best of kings, ever boasting of hisfeats in battle, should be regarded by thee, precisely as myself, Dronaand Kripa are regarded by thee! That best of men, worthy of praise, viz.,Kasya, is endued with great lightness of hand in the use of weapons.Indeed, that subjugator of hostile cities is known to me as equal to oneRatha. Drupada’s son, Satyajit, young in years and displaying greatprowess in battle, should be regarded as equal to eight Rathas. Indeedbeing Dhrishtadyumna’s equal, he is an Atiratha. Desirous of spreadingthe fame of the Pandavas, he will achieve great feats. Devoted to thePandavas and endued with great bravery, there is another great Ratha ofthe Pandavas, viz., king Pandya, that bowman of mighty energy. The mightybowman Dhridadhanwan is another Maharatha of the Pandavas. O subjugatorof hostile cities, that foremost of Kurus, viz., Srenimat and kingVasudeva are both, in my judgment, Atirathas.'”

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