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Chapter 175

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Janamejaya said, “When that prime among heroes, having been accomplishedin arms, had returned from the abode of the slayer of Vritra, what didPritha’s sons do in company with the warlike Dhananjaya?”

Vaisampayana said, “In company with that hero equal unto Indra,Arjuna–that foremost of men, sported in the pleasure-gardens of the lordof treasures (situated) in those woods on that romantic and excellentmountain. And surveying those peerless and various pleasure-groundsfilled with diverse trees, that chief of men, Kiriti, ever intent uponarms, ranged at large, bow in hand. And having through the grace of kingVaisravana obtained a residence, those sons of a sovereign cared not forthe prosperity of men. And, O king, that period of their (lives) passedpeacefully. And having Partha in their company, they spent four yearsthere even like a single night. And as the Pandavas lived in the wood,(these four years) and the former six, numbering ten, passed smoothlywith them.

“Then having seated themselves before the king, the vehement son of theWind-god, with Jishnu and the heroic twins, like unto the lord of thecelestials, earnestly addressed the king in these beneficial and pleasantwords. ‘It is only to render thy promise effectual and to advance thyinterests, that, O king of the Kurus, forsaking the forest, we do not goto slay Suyodhana together with all his followers. Although deserving ofhappiness, yet have we been deprived of happiness. And this is theeleventh year that (in this state) we have been living (in the forest).And hereafter, deluding that one of evil mind and character, shall weeasily live out the period of non-discovery. And at thy mandate, Omonarch, free from apprehension, we have been ranging the woods, havingrelinquished our honour. Having been tempted by our residence in thevicinity, they (our enemies) will not believe that we have removed to adistant realm. And after having lived there undiscovered for a year, andhaving wreaked our revenge on that wicked wight, Suyodhana, with hisfollowers, we shall easily root out that meanest of men, slaying him andregaining our kingdom. Therefore, O Dharmaraja, do thou descend unto theearth. For, O king, if we dwell in this region like unto heaven itself,we shall forget our sorrows. In that case, O Bharata, thy fame like, untoa fragrant flower shall vanish from the mobile and the immobile worlds.By gaining that kingdom of the Kuru chiefs, thou wilt be able to attain(great glory), and to perform various sacrifices. This that thou artreceiving from Kuvera, thou wilt, O foremost of men, be able to attainany time. Now, O Bharata, turn thy mind towards the punishment anddestruction of foes that committed wrongs. O king, the wielder of thethunderbolt himself is incapable of standing thy prowess. And intent uponthy welfare, he, having Suparna for his mark (Krishna), and also thegrandson of Sini (Satyaki) never experience pain, even when engaged inencounter with the gods, O Dharmaraja. And Arjuna is peerless instrength, and so am I too, O best of kings. And as Krishna together withthe Yadavas is intent upon thy welfare, so am I also, O foremost ofmonarchs, and the heroic twins accomplished in war. And encountering theenemy, we, having for our main object the attainment by thee of wealthand prosperity, will destroy them.'”

Vaisampayana continued, “Then having learnt that intention of theirs, themagnanimous and excellent son of Dharma, versed in religion and profit,and of immeasurable prowess, went round Vaisravana’s abode. AndYudhishthira the just, after bidding adieu unto the palaces, the rivers,the lakes, and all the Rakshasas, looked towards the way by which (he)had come (there). And then looking at the mountain also, the high-souledand pure-minded one besought that best of mountains, saying, ‘O foremostof mountains, may I together with my friends, after having finished mytask, and slain my foes, and regained my kingdom, see thee again,carrying on austerities with subdued soul.’ And this also he determinedon. And in company with his younger brothers and the Brahmanas, the lordof the Kurus proceeded even along that very road. And Ghatotkacha withhis followers began to carry them over the mountain cascades. And as theystarted, the great sage Lomasa, advising them even as a father doth hisson, with a cheerful heart, went unto the sacred abode of the dwellers ofheaven. Then advised also by Arshtishena, those first of men, theParthas, went alone beholding romantic tirthas and hermitages, and othermighty lakes.”

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