Chapter 152

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Vaisampayana said, “Having reached that spot, Bhimasena saw in thevicinity of the Kailasa cliff, that beautiful lotus lake surrounded bylovely woods, and guarded by the Rakshasas. And it sprang from thecascades contiguous to the abode of Kuvera. And it was beautiful tobehold, and was furnished with a wide-spreading shade and abounded invarious trees and creepers and was covered with green lilies. And thisunearthly lake was filled with golden lotuses, and swarmed with diversespecies of birds. And its banks were beautiful and devoid of mud. Andsituated on the rocky elevation this expanse of excellent water wasexceedingly fair. And it was the wonder of the world and healthful and ofromantic sight. In that lake the son of Kunti saw, the water of ambrosialtaste and cool and light and clear and fresh; and the Pandava drank of itprofusely. And that unearthly receptacle of waters was covered withcelestial Saugandhika lotuses, and was also spread over with beautifulvariegated golden lotuses of excellent fragrance having graceful stalksof lapis lazulis. And swayed by swans and Karandavas, these lotuses werescattering fresh farina. And this lake was the sporting region of thehigh-souled Kuvera, the king of the Yakshas. And it was held in highregard by the Gandharvas the Apsaras and the celestials. And it wasfrequented by the celestial sages and the Yakshas and the Kimpurushas andthe Rakshasas and the Kinnaras; and it was well-protected by Kuvera. Andas soon as he beheld that river and that unearthly lake, Kunti’s son,Bhimasena of mighty strength became exceedingly delighted. And agreeablyto the mandate of their king, hundreds and thousands of Rakshasas, namedKrodhavasas, were guarding that lake, wearing uniforms and armed withvarious weapons. And as that repressor of foes, Kunti’s son, the heroicBhima of dreadful prowess, clad in deer-skins and wearing golden armletsand equipped with weapons and girding his sword on, was fearlesslyproceeding, with the view of gathering the lotus, those (Rakshasas) sawhim and immediately began to address each other, shouting forth, ‘Itbehoveth you to enquire for the errand on which this foremost of men,clad in deer skins, and equipped with arms, hath come.’ Then they allapproached the effulgent Vrikodara of mighty arms and asked, ‘Who artthou? Thou shouldst answer our questions. We see thee in the guise of anascetic and yet armed with weapons. O thou of mighty intelligence, dothou unfold unto us the object with which thou hast come (hither).”

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