Chapter 139

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

“Lomasa said, ‘O descendant of Bharata, O king, now hast thou left behindthe mountains Usiravija, Mainaka and Sweta, as well as the Kala hills, Oson of Kunti, O bull among the descendants of Bharata, here flow beforethee the seven Gangas. This spot is pure and holy. Here Agni blazethforth without intermission. No son of Manu is able to obtain a sight ofthis wonder. Therefore, O son of Pandu, concentrate your mind in orderthat he may intently behold these tirthas. Now wilt thou see theplay-ground of the gods, marked with their footprints, as we have passedthe mountain Kala. We shall now ascend that white rock–the mountainMandara, inhabited by the Yakshas, Manibhadra and Kuvera, king of theYakshas. O king, at this place eighty thousand fleet Gandharvas, and fourtimes as many Kimpurushas and Yakshas of various shapes and forms,holding various weapons, attend upon Manibhadra, king of the Yakshas. Inthese regions their power is very great. And in speed they are even asthe wind. They can, without doubt, displace even the lord of thecelestials from his seat. Protected by them, and also watched over by theRakshasas, these mountains have been rendered inaccessible. Therefore, Oson of Pritha, do thou concentrate thy thoughts. Besides these, O son ofKunti, here are fierce ministers of Kuvera and his Rakshasa kindred. Weshall have to meet them, and, therefore, O Kunti’s son, gather up thyenergies. O king the mountain Kailasa is six yojanas in height. Itcontains a gigantic jujube tree. And, O son of Kunti, numberless gods andYakshas and Rakshasas and Kinnaras and Nagas and Suparnas and Gandharvaspass this way, in going towards Kuvera’s palace. O king, protected by me,as well as by the might of Bhimasena, and also in virtue of thy ownasceticism and self-command, do thou to-day mix with them. May kingVaruna and Yama, conqueror of battles, and Ganga, and Yamuna, and thismountain, and the Maruts and the twin Aswins, and all rivers and lakes,vouchsafe thy safety. And, O effulgent one, mayst thou have safety fromall the celestials and the Asuras, and the Vasus. O Goddess Ganga, I hearthy roar from this golden mountain, sacred to Indra. O Goddess of highfortune, in these mountainous regions, protect the king, worshipped byall of the Ajamidha race. O daughter of the mountain (Himalaya), thisking is about to enter into these mountainous regions. Do thou,therefore, confer protection upon him.’

“Having thus addressed the river, Lomasa bade Yudhishthira, saying, ‘Bethou careful.'”

“Yudhishthira said, This confusion of Lomasa is unprecedented. Therefore,protect ye Krishna, and be not careless. Lomasa knows this place to becertainly difficult of access. Therefore, do ye practise here the utmostcleanliness.”

“Vaisampayana said, “He next addressed his brother Bhima of vast prowess,saying, ‘O Bhimasena, do thou protect Krishna carefully. Whether Arjunabe near or away, Krishna in times of danger ever seeketh protection fromthee alone.'”

“Then the high-souled monarch approached the twins, Nakula and Sahadeva,and after smelling their heads, and rubbing their persons, with tearssaid unto them, ‘Do not fear. Proceed, however, with caution.”‘

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