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Chapter 122

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

“Lomasa said, ‘A son was born to the great saint Bhrigu, Chyavana byname. And he, of an exceedingly resplendent form, began to practiseausterities by the side of yonder lake. And, O Pandu’s son! O protectorof men! he of mighty energy assumed the posture called Vira, quiet andstill like an inanimate post, and for a long period, remained at the samespot of ground. And he was turned into an anthill covered over withcreepers. And after the lapse of a long period, swarms of ants envelopedhim. And covered all over with ants, the sagacious saint looked exactlylike a heap of earth. And he went on practising austerities, enveloped onall sides with that ant-hill. Now after the lapse of a long space oftime, that ruler of earth, Saryati by name, for amusement visited thispleasant and excellent lake. With him were four thousand females,espoused by him, O son of Bharata’s race! there was also his onlydaughter endued with beautiful brows, named Sukanya. She surrounded byher maids, and decked out with jewels fit for the celestials, whilewalking about, approached the anthill where Bhrigu’s son was seated. Andsurrounded by her maids, she began to amuse herself there, viewing thebeautiful scenery, and looking at the lofty trees of the wood. And shewas handsome and in the prime of her youth; and she was amorous and benton frolicking. And she began to break the twigs of the forest treesbearing blossoms. And Bhrigu’s son endued with intelligence beheld herwandering like lightning, without her maids, and wearing a single pieceof cloth and decked with ornaments. And seeing her in the lone forest,that ascetic of exceeding effulgence was inspired with desire. And thatregenerate Rishi possessing ascetic energy, who had a low voice, calledthe auspicious one,–but she heard him not. Then seeing the eyes ofBhrigu’s son from the ant-hill, Sukanya from curiosity and losing hersense, said, ‘What is this?’–and with thorns pierced the eyes (of theRishi). And as his eyes being pierced by her, he felt exceeding pain andbecame wroth. And (from anger) he obstructed the calls of nature ofSaryati’s forces. And on their calls of nature being obstructed, the menwere greatly afflicted. And seeing this state of things, the king asked.’Who is it that hath done wrong to the illustrious son of Bhrigu, old andever engaged in austerities and of wrathful temper? Tell me quick if yeknow it’. The soldiers (thereupon) answered him saying, ‘We do not knowwhether any one hath done wrong to the Rishi. Do thou, as thou list, makea searching enquiry into the matter. Thereupon that ruler of earth, using(as he saw occasion) both menace and conciliation, asked his friends(about the circumstance). But they too did not know anything. Seeing thatthe army was distressed owing to the obstruction of the calls of nature,and also finding her father aggrieved, Sukanya said, ‘Roving in theforest, I lighted in the ant-hill here upon some brilliant substance.Thereupon taking it for a glow-worm I neared it, and pierced it (withthorns); Hearing this Saryati immediately came to the ant-hill, and theresaw Bhrigu’s son, old both in years and austerities. Then the lord ofearth with joined hands, besought (the ascetic) saying, ‘It behoveth theeto forgive what my daughter through ignorance and greenness, hath doneunto thee.” Chyavana the son of Bhrigu, addressed the monarch saying,’Disregarding me, this one, filled with pride hath pierced my eyes. Evenher, O king, endued with beauty and who was bereft of her senses byignorance and temptation–even thy daughter would I have for my bride, Itell thee truly, on this condition alone will I forgive thee.’

Lomasa said, “Hearing the words of the sage, Saryati, without pausing,bestowed his daughter on the high-souled Chyavana. Having received thehand of that girl, the holy one was pleased with the king. And having wonthe Rishi’s grace, the king went to his city, accompanied by his troops.And the faultless Sukanya also having obtained that ascetic for herhusband, began to tend him, practising penances, and observing theordinance. And that one of a graceful countenance, and void of guileworshipped Chyavana, and also ministered unto guests, and the sacredfire.”

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