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Chapter 186

Mahabharata English - ADI PARVA

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Then those tigers among men–those brothers–thefive Pandavas, set out for Panchala to behold that country and Draupadiand the festivities (in view of her marriage).

And those tigers amongmen–those oppressors of all enemies–in going along with their mother,saw on the way numerous Brahmanas proceeding together. And thoseBrahmanas who were all Brahmacharis beholding the Pandavas, O king, askedthem, ‘Where are ye going to? Whence also are ye come?’ And Yudhishthirareplied unto them, saying, ‘Ye bulls among Brahmanas, know ye that we areuterine brothers proceeding together with our mother. We are coming evenfrom Ekachakra.’ The Brahmanas then said, ‘Go ye this very day to theabode of Drupada in the country of the Panchalas. A great Swayamvaratakes place there, on which a large sum of money will be spent. We alsoare proceeding thither. Let us all go together. Extraordinary festivitieswill take place (in Drupada’s abode). The illustrious Yajnasena,otherwise called Drupada, had a daughter risen from the centre of thesacrificial altar. Of eyes like lotus-petals and of faultless featuresendued with youth and intelligence, she is extremely beautiful. And theslender-waisted Draupadi of every feature perfectly faultless, and whosebody emitteth a fragrance like unto that of the blue lotus for two fullmiles around, is the sister of the strong-armed Dhrishtadyumna giftedwith great prowess–the (would-be) slayer of Drona–who was born withnatural mail and sword and bow and arrows from the blazing fire, himselflike unto the second Fire. And that daughter of Yajnasena will select ahusband from among the invited princes. And we are repairing thither tobehold her and the festivities on the occasion, like unto the festivitiesof heaven. And to that Swayamvara will come from various lands kings andprinces who are performers of sacrifices in which the presents to theBrahmanas are large: who are devoted to study, are holy, illustrious, andof rigid vows; who are young and handsome; and who are mightycar-warriors and accomplished in arms. Desirous of winning (the hand of)the maiden those monarchs will all give away much wealth and kine andfood and other articles of enjoyment. And taking all they will give awayand witnessing the Swayamvara, and enjoying the festivities, we shall gowheresoever we like. And there will also come unto that Swayamvara, fromvarious countries, actors, and bards singing the panegyrics of kings, anddancers, and reciters of Puranas, and heralds, and powerful athletes. Andbeholding all these sights and taking what will be given away toillustrious ones, ye will return with us. Ye are all handsome and likeunto the celestials! Beholding you, Krishna may, by chance, choose someone amongst you superior to the rest. This thy brother of mighty arms andhandsome and endued with beauty also, engaged in (athletic) encounters,may, by chance, earn great wealth.’

“On hearing these words of the Brahmanas, Yudhishthira replied, ‘YeBrahmanas, we will all go with you to witness that maiden’sSwayamvara–that excellent jubilee.'”



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