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Chapter 185

Mahabharata English - ADI PARVA
“Arjuna asked, ‘O Gandharva, thou art acquainted with everything. Tellus, therefore, which Veda-knowing Brahmana is worthy to be appointed asour priest.’

“The Gandharva replied, ‘There is in these woods a shrine of the name ofUtkochaka. Dhaumya, the younger brother of Devala is engaged there inascetic penances. Appoint him, if ye desire, your priest.”

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Then Arjuna, highly pleased with everything that hadhappened, gave unto that Gandharva, his weapon of fire with befittingceremonies. And addressing him, the Pandava also said, ‘O thou best ofGandharvas, let the horses thou givest us remain with thee for a time.When the occasion cometh, we will take them from thee. Blest be thou.’Then the Gandharva and the Pandavas, respectfully saluting each other,left the delightful banks of the Bhagirathi and went wheresoever theydesired. Then, O Bharata, the Pandavas going to Utkochaka, the sacredasylum of Dhaumya installed Dhaumya as their priest. And Dhaumya, theforemost of all conversant with the Vedas, receiving them with presentsof wild fruits and (edible) roots, consented to become their priest. Andthe Pandavas with their mother forming the sixth of the company, havingobtained that Brahmana as their priest regarded their sovereignty andkingdom as already regained and the daughter of the Panchala king asalready obtained in the Swayamavara. And those bulls of the Bharata race,having obtained the master Dhaumya as their priest, also regardedthemselves as placed under a powerful protector. And the high-souledDhaumya, acquainted with the true meaning of the Vedas and every rule ofmorality, becoming the spiritual preceptor of the virtuous Pandavas, madethem his Yajamanas (spiritual disciples). And that Brahmana, beholdingthose heroes endued with intelligence and strength and perseverance likeunto the celestials, regarded them as already restored, by virtue oftheir own accomplishments to their sovereignty and kingdom. Then thosekings of men, having had benedictions uttered upon them by that Brahmana,resolved to go, accompanied by him, to the Swayamvara of the Princess ofPanchala.'”



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