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Sauti said, “Janamejaya, the son of Parikshit, was, with his brothers,attending his long sacrifice on the plains of Kurukshetra. His brotherswere three, Srutasena, Ugrasena, and Bhimasena. And as they were sittingat the sacrifice, there arrived at the spot an offspring of Sarama (thecelestial bitch). And belaboured by the brothers of Janamejaya, he ranaway to his mother, crying in pain.

“Saunaka said, ‘Child, thy father formerly read the whole of the Puranas,O son of Lomaharshana, and the Bharata with Krishna-Dwaipayana. Hast thoualso made them thy study? In those ancient records are chronicledinteresting stories and the history of the first generations of the wisemen, all of which we heard being rehearsed by thy sire. In the firstplace, I am desirous of hearing the history of the race of Bhrigu.Recount thou that history, we shall attentively listen to thee.”

“Sauti said, ‘O Brahmana, having heard these words from the god of fire,the Rakshasa assumed the form of a boar, and seizing the lady carried heraway with the speed of the wind–even of thought. Then the child ofBhrigu lying in her body enraged at such violence, dropped from hismother’s womb, for which he obtained the name of Chyavana.

“Sauti said, ‘O Brahmana, Chyavana, the son of Bhrigu, begot a son in thewomb of his wife Sukanya. And that son was the illustrious Pramati ofresplendent energy. And Pramati begot in the womb of Ghritachi a soncalled Ruru. And Ruru begot on his wife Pramadvara a son called Sunaka.And I shall relate to you in detail, O Brahmana, the entire history ofRuru of abundant energy. O listen to it then in full!

“Sauti said, ‘While those illustrious Brahmanas were sitting around thedead body of Pramadvara, Ruru, sorely afflicted, retired into a deep woodand wept aloud. And overwhelmed with grief he indulged in much piteouslamentation. And, remembering his beloved Pramadvara, he gave vent to hissorrow in the following words, ‘Alas! The delicate fair one thatincreaseth my affliction lieth upon the bare ground.

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