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Chapter 65

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Dhritarashtra said, ‘Consider, O Duryodhana, O dear son, what I tellthee. Like an ignorant traveller thou thinkest, the wrong path to be theright one, since thou art desirous of robbing the energy of the five sonsof Pandu, who are even as the five elements of the universe in theirsubtle form upholding all mobile and immobile things. Without the certainsacrifice of thy life thou art unable to vanquish Yudhishthira, the sonof Kunti, who is the foremost of all virtuous persons in this world.Alas, like a tree defying the mighty tempest, thou chafest at Bhimasenawho hath not his peer (among men) in might and who is equal unto Yamahimself in battle. What man of sense would encounter in battle thewielder of Gandiva, who is the foremost of all wielders of weapons, asthe Meru among mountains? What man is there whom Dhrishtadyumna, theprince of Panchala, cannot overthrow, shooting his arrows among the foes,like the chief of the celestials hurling his thunderbolt? That honouredwarrior among the Andhakas and the Vrishnis, the irresistible Satyaki,ever engaged in the good of the Pandavas, will also slaughter thy host.What man of sense, again, would encounter the lotus-eyed Krishna, who, asregards the measure of his energy and power, surpasseth the three worlds?As regards Krishna, his wives, kinsmen, relatives, his own soul and thewhole earth, put on one scale, weigheth with Dhananjaya on the other.That Vasudeva, upon whom Arjuna relieth, is irresistible, and that hostwhere Kesava is, becometh irresistible everywhere. Listen, therefore, Ochild, to the counsels of those well-wishers of thine whose words arealways for thy good. Accept thou thy aged grandsire, Bhishma, the son ofSantanu, as thy guide. Listen thou to what I say, and what thesewell-wishers of the Kurus, Drona, and Kripa, and Vikarna, and kingVahlika say. These all are as I myself. It behoveth thee to regard themas much as thou regardest me, since, O Bharata, all these are conversantwith morality and bear affection to thee as much as I myself do. Thepanic and rout, before thy eyes, at the city of Virata, of all thy troopswith thy brothers, after surrender of the king,–indeed, that wonderfulstory that is heard of an encounter at that city between one and many,are sufficient proof (of the wisdom of what I say). When Arjuna singlyachieves all that, what will not the Pandavas achieve when unitedtogether? Take them by the hands as thy brothers, and cherish them with ashare of the kingdom.'”

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🙏 धर्म और आध्यात्म को जन-जन तक पहुँचाने में हमारा साथ दें| 🙏