Chapter 118

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Narada said, ‘The illustrious Madhavi, faithful to her promise,abandoning that prosperity and once more becoming a maiden, followed thefootsteps of the Brahmana Galava. And Galava, whose heart was set uponthe accomplishment of his own business, reflecting upon what he should donext then went to the city of the Bhojas for waiting upon king Usinara.And arrived before that king of unbaffled prowess, Galava addressed him,saying, ‘This maiden will bear thee two royal sons. And, O king,begetting upon her two sons equal unto the Sun and the Moon, thou maystattain all thy objects both here and hereafter. As her dower, however, Othou that art conversant with every duty, thou shalt have to give me fourhundred steeds of lunar splendour, each having ear black of hue. Thiseffort of mine for obtaining the steeds is only on account of mypreceptor, otherwise I myself have nothing to do with them. If thou artable to accept (my terms), do as I bid thee without any hesitation. Oroyal sage, thou art now childless. Beget, O king, a couple of children.With offspring so begot as a raft, save they Pitris and thyself also. Oroyal sage, he that hath fruit in the shape of offspring to enjoy, neverfalleth from heaven. Nor hath such a person to go to that frightful hellwhither the childless are doomed to go.’ Hearing these and other words ofGalava, king Usinara. replied unto him, saying, ‘I have heard what thou,O Galava, hast said. My heart also is inclined to do thy bidding. TheSupreme Ordainer, however, is all-powerful. I have only two hundredsteeds of the kind indicated by thee, O best of Brahmanas. Of otherkinds, I have many thousands moving about in my dominions. I will, OGalava, beget only one son upon her, by treading the path that hath beentold by others such as Haryyaswa and Divodasa. I will act after theirmanner in the matter of the dower. O best of Brahmanas, my wealth existsfor only my subjects residing in the city and the country, and not for myown comforts and enjoyment. That king, O virtuous one, who giveth awayfor his own pleasure the wealth that belongeth to others, can never earnvirtue or fame. Let this maiden, endued with the radiance of a celestialgirl, be presented to me. I will accept her for begetting only onechild.’ Hearing these and many other words that Usinara spoke, that bestof Brahmanas, Galava, then applauded the monarch and gave him the maiden.And making Usinara accept that damsel, Galava went into the woods. Andlike a righteous man enjoying the prosperity (won by his deeds), Usinarabegan to sport with and enjoy that damsel in valleys and dales ofmountains by fountains and falls of rivers, in mansions, delightfulchambers, variegated gardens, forests and woods, agreeable places, andterraces of houses. And, in due time, was born unto him a son of thesplendour of the morning sun, who afterwards became an excellent king,celebrated by the name Sivi. And after the birth of that son, theBrahmana Galava came to Usinara, and taking back from him the maidenwent, O king, to see the son of Vinata.'”

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