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Chapter 117

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Narada said, ‘Galava then, addressing Madhavi, said, The ruler of theKasis is an illustrious king known by the name of Divodasa. He is the sonof Bhimasena, is endued with great prowess, and is a mighty sovereign. Oblessed maiden, we are now going to him. Follow me slowly and grieve not.That ruler of men is virtuous and devoted to truth and hath his passionsunder control.’

“Narada Continued, ‘When the muni came before that king he was receivedwith due hospitality by the latter. Galava, then, began to urge themonarch for begetting a child. Thus addressed, Divodasa said, ‘I heard ofall this before. Thou needest not speak much. O Brahmana. I may tellthee, O best of Brahmanas, that as soon as I heard of this matter, myheart was set upon it. This also is a mark of great honour to me thatpassing over all other kings thou hast come to me, Without doubt, thyobject will be gained. In the matter of the steeds, O Galava, my wealthis like that of king Haryyaswa. I shall, therefore, beget only one royalson upon this maiden.’ Hearing these words, that best of Brahmanas gavethat damsel unto the king, and, the king, thereupon, duly wedded her. Andthe royal sage then sported with her, as Surya with Prabhavati, Agni withSwaha, Vasava with Sachi, Chandra with Rohini, Yama with Urmila, Varunawith Gauri, Kuvera with Riddhi, Narayana with Lakshmi, Sagara withJahnavi, Rudra with Rudrani, the Grandsire with Saraswati, Vasishtha’sson Saktri with Adrisyanti, Vasishtha with Arundhati (called alsoAkshamala), Chyavana with Sukanya, Pulastya with Sandhya, Agastya withthe princess of Vidarbha Lopamudra, Satyavan with Savitri, Bhrigu withPuloma, Kasyapa with Aditi, Richika’s son Jamadagni with Renuka, Kusika’sson Viswamitra with Himavati, Vrihaspati with Tara, Sukra with Sataprava,Bhumipati with Bhumi, Pururavas with Urvasi, Richika with Satyavati, Manuwith Saraswati, Dushyanta with Sakuntala, the eternal Dharma with Dhriti,Nala with Damayanti, Narada, with Satyavati, Jaratkaru with Jaratkaru,Pulastya with Pratichya, Urnayus with Menaka, Tumvuru with Rambha, Vasukiwith Satasirsha, Dhananjaya with Kamari, Rama with the princess of VidehaSita, or Janardana with Rukmini. And unto king Divodasa, that sportingwith and taking delight in her, Madhavi bore a son named Pratardana. Andafter she had borne him a son, the holy Galava came to Divodasa at theappointed time, and said unto him, ‘Let the maiden come with me, and letthe steeds also thou art to give me remain with thee, for I desire to goelsewhere, O ruler of Earth, for dower.’ Thus addressed, the virtuousking Divodasa, who was devoted to truth, thereupon, gave back the maidento Galava at the appointed time.'”



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