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Chapter 183

Mahabharata English - DRONA PARVA

“Sanjaya said, ‘At this time Duryodhana, under the influence of wrath,approached Drona and addressing him said these words, for inspiring himwith joy and provoking his anger.’

“Duryodhana said, ‘No mercy should have been shown to our foes while theywere heartless and worn out with toil and taking rest, especially whenthey are all of sure aim. Desirous of doing what is agreeable to thee, weshowed them kindness by then letting them alone. The tired Pandavas,however (having taken rest), have become stronger. As regards ourselves,we are, in every respect, losing in energy and strength. The Pandavas,protected by thee, are constantly gaining prosperity. All weapons thatare celestial and all those that appertain to Brahma exist in thee. Itell thee truly, that neither the Pandavas, nor ourselves, nor any otherbowmen in the world, can be a match for thee while thou art engaged inbattle. O foremost of regenerate ones, thou art acquainted with allweapons. Without doubt, by means of thy celestial weapons thou artcapable of destroying the (three) worlds with the gods, the Asuras, andthe Gandharvas. The Pandavas are all afraid of thee. Thou, however,forgivest them, remembering that they were thy pupils, or, perhaps, owingto my ill luck.’

“Sanjaya continued, ‘Thus rebuked and angered by thy son, Drona, O king,wrathfully addressed Duryodhana and said these words: ‘Although I am soold, O Duryodhana, I am still exerting myself in battle to the utmostextent of might. All these men are unacquainted with weapons. I am,however, well-versed in them. If, from desire of victory, I slay thesemen, there can be no more ignoble act for me to do. That, however, whichis in thy mind, be it good or bad, I will accomplish, O Kaurava, at thycommand. It will not be otherwise. Putting forth my prowess in battle andslaying all the Panchalas, I will doff my armour, O king! I swear this tothee truly. Thou thinkest that Arjuna, the son of Kunti, was worn out inbattle. O mighty-armed Kaurava! Listen to what I truly say regarding hisprowess. If Savyasachin’s wrath is excited, neither Gandharvas, norYakshas nor Rakshasas can venture to bear him. At Khandavas, heencountered the divine chief of the celestials himself. The illustriousArjuna, with his shafts baffled the pouring Indra. Yakshas, and Nagas,and Daityas, and all others proud of their might, were slain by thatforemost of men. That also is known to thee. On the occasion of the taleof cattle, the Gandharvas headed by Chitrasena and others were vanquishedby him. That firm bowman rescued you, while you were being carried awayby those Gandharvas. Nivatakavachas also, those enemies of thecelestials, that were unslayable in battle by the celestials, themselves,were vanquished by that hero. Thousands of Danavas dwelling inHiranyapura, that tiger among men vanquished. How can human beings thenwithstand him? O monarch, thou hast seen with thy own eyes how this hostof thine, although exerting themselves so heroically, hath been destroyedby the son of Pandu.’

“Sanjaya continued, ‘Unto Drona who was thus applauding Arjuna, thy son,O king, angered thereat, once more said these words: ‘Myself andDuhsasana, and Karna, and my maternal uncle, Sakuni, dividing thisBharata host into two divisions (and taking one with us), shall to-dayslay Arjuna in battle.’ ‘Hearing these words of his, Bharadwaja’s son,laughing, sanctioned that speech of the king and said, ‘Blessings tothee! What Kshatriya is there that would slay that bull amongstKshatriyas, that unslayable one, viz., the bearer of Gandiva, that heroblazing forth with energy? Neither the Lord of treasures, nor Indra, norYama, nor the Asuras, the Uragas, and the Rakshasas can stay Arjuna armedwith weapons. Only they that are fools say such words as those thou hastsaid, O Bharata! Who is there that would return home in safety, havingencountered Arjuna in battle? As regards thyself, thou art sinful andcruel and suspicious of everybody. Even them that are employed in thywelfare, thou art ready to rebuke in this way. Go thou against the son ofKunti, for withstanding him for thy own sake. Thou art a well-bornKshatriya. Thou seekest battle. Why dost thou cause all these unoffendingKshatriyas to be slain? Thou art the root of this hostility. Therefore,go thou against Arjuna. This thy maternal uncle is possessed of wisdomand observant of Kshatriya duties. O son of Gandhari, let this oneaddicted to gambling proceed against Arjuna in battle. This one, skilledin dice, wedded to deception, addicted to gambling, versed in cunning andimposture, this gambler conversant with the ways of deceiving, willvanquish the Pandavas in battle! With Karna in thy company, thou hadstoften joyfully boasted, from folly and emptiness of understanding, in thehearing of Dhritarashtra, saying, ‘O sire, myself, and Karna, and mybrother Duhsasana, these three, uniting together, will slay the sons ofPandu in battle.’ This thy boast was heard in every meeting of the court.Accomplish thy vow, be truthful in speech, with them. There thy mortalfoe, the son of Pandu, is staying before thee. Observe the duties of aKshatriya. Thy slaughter at the hands of Jaya would be worthy of everypraise. Thou hast practised charity. Thou hast eaten (everything everdesired by thee). Thou hast obtained wealth to the measure of thy wish.Thou hast no debts. Thou hast done all that one should do. Do not fear.Fight now with the son of Pandu.’ These words said, the battlecommenced.'”

Chapter 184
Chapter 182
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