Chapter 10

Mahabharata English - BHISHMA PARVA

“Dhritarashtra said,–‘Tell me, O Sanjaya, of the period of life, thestrength, the good and bad things, the future, past and present, of theresidents, O Suta, of this Varsha of Bharata, and of the Himavat-varsha,as also of Hari-varsha, in detail.”

“Sanjaya said,–‘O bull of Bharata’s race, four Yugas set in Bharata’sVarsha, viz., Krita, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali. The Yuga that sets infirst is Krita. O Lord; after the expiry of Krita comes Treta; afterexpiry of Treta comes Dwapara; and after that last of all, sets in Kali.Four thousand years, O best of the Kurus, are reckoned as the measure oflife, O best of kings, in the Krita epoch. Three thousand years is theperiod in Treta, O ruler of men. At present in Dwapara, persons live onEarth for two thousand years. In Kali, however, O bull of Bharata’s race,there is no fixed limit of life’s measure, in so much that men die whilein the womb, as also soon after birth. In the Krita age, O king, men areborn and beget children, by hundreds and thousands, that are of greatstrength and great power, endued with the attribute of great wisdom, andpossessed of wealth and handsome features. In that age are born andbegotten Munis endued with wealth of asceticism, capable of greatexertion, possessed of high souls, and virtuous, and truthful in speech.The Kshatriyas also, born in that age are of agreeable features,able-bodied, possessed of great energy, accomplished in the use of thebow, highly skilled in battle and exceedingly brave. In the Treta age, Oking, all the Kshatriya kings were emperors ruling from sea to sea. InTreta are begotten brave Kshatriyas not subject to any one, endued withlong lives, possessed of heroism, and wielding the bow in battle withgreat skill. When Dwapara sets in, O king, all the (four) orders bornbecome capable of great exertion, endued with great energy, and desirousof conquering one another. The men born in Kali, O king, are endued withlittle energy, highly wrathful, covetous, and untruthful. Jealousy,pride, anger, deception, malice and covetousness, O Bharata, are theattributes of creatures in the Kali age. The portion that remains, Oking, of this the Dwapara age, is small, O ruler of men. The Varsha knownas Haimavat is superior to Bharatavarsha, while Harivarsha is superior toHainavatvarsha, in respect of all qualities.’

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