Chapter 45

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Vaisampayana said, “One day, knowing that Arjuna’s glances were cast uponUrvasi, Vasava, calling Chitrasena to himself, addressed him in privatesaying, ‘O king of Gandharvas, I am pleased; go thou as my messenger tothat foremost of Apsaras, Urvasi, and let her wait upon that tiger amongmen, Phalguna. Tell her, saying these words of mine, ‘As through myinstrumentality Arjuna hath learnt all the weapons and other arts,worshipped by all, so shouldst thou make him conversant with the arts ofacquitting one’s self in female company.’ Thus addressed by Indra, thechief of the Gandharvas in obedience to that command of Vasava, soon wentto Urvasi that foremost of Apsaras. And as he saw her, she recognised himand delighted him by the welcome she offered and the salutation she gave.And seated at ease he then smilingly addressed Urvasi, who also wasseated at ease, saying, ‘Let it be known, O thou of fair hips, that Icome hither despatched by the one sole lord of heaven who asketh of theea favour. He who is known amongst gods and men for his many inbornvirtues, for his grace, behaviour, beauty of person, vows andself-control; who is noted for might and prowess, and respected by thevirtuous, and ready-witted; who is endued with genius and splendidenergy, is of a forgiving temper and without malice of any kind; who hathstudied the four Vedas with their branches, and the Upanishads, and thePuranas also; who is endued with devotion to his preceptors and withintellect possessed of the eight attributes, who by his abstinence,ability, origin and age, is alone capable of protecting the celestialregions like Mahavat himself; who is never boastful; who showeth properrespect to all; who beholdeth the minutest things as clearly as if thosewere gross and large; who is sweet-speeched; who showereth diverse kindsof food and drink on his friends and dependents; who is truthful,worshipped of all, eloquent, handsome, and without pride; who is kind tothose devoted to him, and universally pleasing and dear to all; who isfirm in promise; who is equal to even Mahendra and Varuna in respect ofevery desirable attribute, viz., Arjuna, is known to thee. O Urvasi, knowthou that hero is to be made to taste the joys of heaven. Commanded byIndra, let him today obtain thy feet. Do this, O amiable one, forDhananjaya is inclined to thee.’

“Thus addressed, Urvasi of faultless features assumed a smiling face, andreceiving the words of the Gandharva with high respect, answered with aglad heart, saying, ‘Hearing of the virtues that should adorn men, asunfolded by thee, I would bestow my favours upon any one who happened topossess them. Why should I not then, choose Arjuna for a lover? At thecommand of Indra, and for my friendship for thee, and moved also by thenumerous virtues of Phalguna, I am already under the influence of the godof love. Go thou, therefore, to the place thou desirest. I shall gladlygo to Arjuna.'”

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