Chapter 44

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Vaisampayana said, “The gods and the Gandharvas then, understanding thewishes of India, procured an excellent Arghya and reverenced the son ofPritha in a hurry. And giving water to wash both his feet and face, theycaused the prince to enter the palace of Indra. And thus worshipped,Jishnu continued to live in the abode of his father. And the son of Panducontinued all the while to acquire celestial weapons, together with themeans of withdrawing them. And he received from the hands of Sakra hisfavourite weapon of irresistible force, viz., the thunder-bolt and thoseother weapons also, of tremendous roar, viz., the lightnings of heaven,whose flashes are inferable from the appearance of clouds and (thedancing of) peacocks. And the son of Pandu, after he had obtained thoseweapons, recollected his brothers. And at the command of Indra, however,he lived for full five years in heaven, surrounded by every comfort andluxury.

“After some time, when Arjuna had obtained all the weapons. Indraaddressed him in due time, saying, ‘O son of Kunti, learn thou music anddancing from Chitrasena. Learn the instrumental music that is currentamong the celestials and which existeth not in the world of men, for, Oson of Kunti, it will be to thy benefit. And Purandara gave Chitrasena asa friend unto Arjuna. And the son of Pritha lived happily in peace withChitrasena. And Chitrasena instructed Arjuna all the while in music;vocal and instrumental and in dancing. But the active Arjuna obtained nopeace of mind, remembering the unfair play at dice of Sakuni, the son ofSuvala, and thinking with rage of Dussasana and his death. When however,his friendship with Chitrasena had ripened fully, he at times learned theunrivalled dance and music practised among the Gandharvas. And at lasthaving learnt various kinds of dance and diverse species of music, bothvocal and instrumental, that slayer of hostile heroes obtained no peaceof mind remembering his brothers and mother Kunti.”

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