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Chapter 158

Mahabharata English - ADI PARVA

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Those mighty car-warriors, the heroic Pandavas, thenwent, O king, from forest to forest killing deer and many animals (fortheir food).

And in the course of their wanderings they saw the countriesof the Matsyas, the Trigartas, the Panchalas and then of the Kichakas,and also many beautiful woods and lakes therein. And they all had mattedlocks on their heads and were attired in barks of trees and the skins ofanimals. Indeed, with Kunti in their company those illustrious heroeswere attired in the garbs of ascetics. And those mighty car-warriorssometimes proceeded in haste, carrying their mother on their backs; andsometimes they proceeded in disguise, and sometimes again with greatcelerity. And they used to study the Rik and the other Vedas and also allthe Vedangas as well as the sciences of morals and politics. And thePandavas, conversant with the science of morals, met, in course of theirwanderings their grandfather (Vyasa). And saluting the illustriousKrishna-Dwaipayana, those chastisers of enemies, with their mother, stoodbefore him with joined hands.’

“Vyasa then said, ‘Ye bulls of Bharata’s race, I knew beforehand of thisaffliction of yours consisting in your deceitful exile by the son ofDhritarashtra. Knowing this, I have come to you, desirous of doing yousome great good. Do not grieve for what hath befallen you. Know that allthis is for your happiness. Undoubtedly, the sons of Dhritarashtra andyou are all equal in my eye. But men are always partial to those who arein misfortune or of tender years. It is therefore, that my affection foryou is greater now. And in consequence of that affection, I desire to doyou good. Listen to me! Not far off before you is a delightful town whereno danger can overtake you. Live ye there in disguise, waiting for myreturn.’

‘Vaisampayana continued, ‘Vyasa, the son of Satyavati, thus comfortingthe Pandavas, led them into the town of Ekachakra. And the master alsocomforted Kunti, saying, ‘Live, O daughter! This son of thine,Yudhishthira, ever devoted to truth, this illustrious bull among men,having by his justice conquered the whole world, will rule over all theother monarchs of the earth. There is little doubt that, having by meansof Bhima’s and Arjuna’s prowess conquered the whole earth with her beltof seas, he will enjoy the sovereignty thereof. Thy sons as well as thoseof Madri–mighty car-warriors all–will cheerfully sport as pleaseth themin their dominions. These tigers among men will also perform varioussacrifices, such as the Rajasuya and the horse-sacrifice, in which thepresents unto the Brahmanas are very large. And these thy sons will ruletheir ancestral kingdom, maintaining their friends and relatives inluxury and affluence and happiness.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘With these words Vyasa introduced them into thedwelling of a Brahmana. And the island-born Rishi, addressing the eldestof the Pandavas, said, ‘Wait here for me! I will come back to you! Byadapting yourselves to the country and the occasion you will succeed inbecoming very happy.’

“Then, O king, the Pandavas with joined hands said unto the Rishi, ‘So beit.’ And the illustrious master, the Rishi Vyasa, then went away to theregion whence he had come.'”

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