🙏 जीवन में कुछ पाना है तो झुकना होगा, कुएं में उतरने वाली बाल्टी झुकती है, तब ही पानी लेकर आती है| 🙏

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Vaisampayana said, “After all those illustrious ascetics had gone away,that wielder of the Pinaka and cleanser of all sins–the illustriousHara–assuming the form of a Kirata resplendent as a golden tree, andwith a huge and stalwart form like a second Meru, and taking up a handsome bow and a number of arrows resembling snakes of virulent poison, andlooking like an embodiment of fire, came quickly down on the breast ofHimavat.

Bhima said, ‘O king, unsubstantial as thou art like froth, unstable likea fruit (falling when ripe), dependent on time, and mortal, havingentered into an agreement in respect of time, which is infinite andimmeasurable, quick like a shaft or flowing like a stream, and carryingeverything before it like death itself, how canst regard it as availableby thee?

🙏 ♻ प्रयास करें कि जब हम आये थे उसकी तुलना में पृथ्वी को एक बेहतर स्थान के रूप में छोड़ कर जाएं। सागर में हर एक बूँद मायने रखती है। ♻ 🙏