Chapter 66

Mahabharata English - VIRATA PARVA

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Having vanquished the Kurus in battle, that one witheyes like those of a bull brought back that profuse cattle wealth ofVirata. And while the Dhritarashtra, after their rout, were going away, alarge number of Kuru-soldiers issuing out of the deep forest appearedwith slow steps before Partha, their hearts afflicted with fear. And theystood before him with joined palms and with hair dishevelled. Andfatigued with hunger and thirst, arrived in a foreign land, insensiblewith terror, and confused in mind, they all bowed down unto the son ofPritha and said,–We are thy slaves.’

“Arjuna said, ‘Welcome, blessed be ye. Go ye away. Ye have no cause offear. I will not take the lives of them that are afflicted. Ye have myassurance of protection.

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Hearing these words of assurance, the assembledwarriors greeted him with benedictions in praise of his achievements andfame and wishing him long life. And the Kauravas were unable to confrontArjuna while after routing the foe he proceeded towards the city ofVirata, like an elephant with rent temples. And having routed the wholearmy of the Kuru like a violent wind scattering the clouds, that slayerof foes, Partha, regardfully addressing the prince of Matsya, said, ‘Itis known to thee alone, O child, that the sons of Pritha are all livingwith thy father. Do not eulogise them upon entering the city, for thenthe king of the Matsyas may hide himself in fear. On the other hand,entering the city, do thou proclaim in the presence of thy father thatthe deed is thy own, saying,–By me hath the army of the Kurus beenvanquished and by me have the kine been recovered from the foe!’

“Uttara said, ‘The feat thou hast achieved is beyond my power. I do notpossess the ability to achieve it. I shall not, however, O Savyasachin,discover thee to my father, as long as thou wilt not tell me to do it.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Having vanquished the hostile army and wrestedthe whole of the cattle wealth from the Kurus, Jishnu returned again tothe cemetery and having approached the same Sami tree stood there withbody mangled by the arrows of the enemy. Then that terrible monkeyblazing like fire ascended into the sky with those other creatures in theflag-staff. And the illusion created (by Viswakarma) melted away andUttara’s own banner bearing the device of a lion was set up on the caragain. And having replaced the arrows and quivers of those foremost ofthe Kuru princes, and also that other weapon the (Gandiva) which enhancesthe fierceness of a battle, the illustrious prince of Matsya set out forthe city with a glad heart, having Kiritin as his charioteer. And havingachieved an exceedingly mighty feat and slain the foe, Partha also, thatslayer of foes, binding his hair into a braid as before, took the reinsfrom Uttara’s hands. And that illustrious hero entered the city ofVirata, with a cheerful heart rehabilitating himself as Vrihannala, thecar-driver of Uttara.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘When all the Kauravas utterly routed andvanquished, set out in a dejected mood for Hastinapura, Falguna, on hisway back, addressed Uttara, saying, ‘O prince, O hero of mighty arms,seeing the kine escorted in advance of us by the cowherds, we shall enterVirata’s metropolis in the afternoon, having tended the steeds with drinkand a bath. Let the cowherds, despatched by thee, speedily repair to thecity with the good news and proclaim thy victory.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Agreeable to Arjuna’s words, Uttara speedilyordered the messengers, saying, ‘Go ye and proclaim the king’s victory.The foe hath been routed, and the kine have been recovered. And theMatsya and the Bharata princes having thus consulted togetherre-approached the same Sami tree. And gratified with the victory they hadwon, and arrived at the foot of the Sami tree, they wore on their personsand took up on their car the ornaments and robes they had left there. Andhaving vanquished the whole hostile army and recovered the whole of thewealth from the Kurus, the heroic son of Virata returned to the city withVrihannala as his car-driver.'”

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