Chapter 86

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Dhritarashtra said, ‘O Vidura, Janardana hath set out from Upaplavya. Heis now staying at Vrikasthala and will come here tomorrow. Janardana isthe leader of the Ahukas, the foremost person amongst all the members ofthe Sattwata race, is high-souled, and endued with great energy and greatmight. Indeed, Madhava is the guardian and protector of the Prosperouskingdom of Vrishnis and is the illustrious Great-Grandsire of even thethree worlds. The Vrishnis adore the wisdom of the intelligent Krishna,even as the Adityas, the Vasus, and the Rudras adore the wisdom ofVrihaspati. O virtuous one, I will in thy presence, offer worship untothat illustrious scion of Dasarha’s race. Listen to me about thatworship. I will give him sixteen cars made of gold, each drawn by fourexcellent and well-adorned steeds of uniform colour and of the Vahlikabreed. O Kaurava, I will give him eight elephants with temporal juicealways trickling down and tusks as large as poles of ploughs, capable ofsmiting hostile ranks, and each having eight human attendants. I willgive him a century of handsome maid-servants of the complexion of gold,all virgins, and man-servants I will give him as, many. I will give himeighteen thousand woolen blankets soft to the touch, all presented to usby the hill-men. I will also give him a thousand deer-skins brought fromChina and other things of the kind that may be worthy of Kesava. I willalso give him this serene gem of the purest rays that shines day andnight, for Kesava alone deserves it. This car of mine drawn by mules thatmakes a round of full fourteen Yojanas a day, I will also give him. Iwill place before him every-day-provisions eight times greater than whatis necessary for the animals and attendants that form his train. Mountedon their cars, having their person well-adorned, all my sons andgrandsons, save Duryodhana, will go out to receive him. And thousands ofgraceful and well-decked dancing girls will go out on foot to receive theillustrious Kesava. And the beautiful girls that will go out of the townfor receiving Janardana will go out unveiled. Let all the citizens withtheir wives and children behold the illustrious slayer of Madhu wit h asmuch respect and devotion as they show when casting their eyes on themorning sun. Let the canopy all round, at my command, be crowded withpendants and banners, and let the road, by which Kesava will come, bewell-watered and its dusts removed. Let Dussasana’s abode, which isbetter than Duryodhana’s, be cleansed and well-adorned without delay.That mansion consisting of many beautiful buildings, is pleasant anddelightful, and abounds with the wealth of all seasons. It is in thatabode that all my wealth, as also Duryodhana’s, are deposited. Let allthat scion of the Vrishni race deserves be given unto him.'”

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