Chapter 81

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Sahadeva said, ‘What hath been said by the king is, indeed, eternalvirtue, but thou, O chastiser of foes, shouldst act, in such a way thatwar may certainly happen. Even if the Kauravas express their desire forpeace with the Pandavas, still, O thou of Dasarha’s race, provoke thou awar with them. Having seen, O Krishna, the princess of Panchala broughtin that plight into the midst of the assembly, how can my wrath beappeased without the slaughter of Suyodhana. If, O Krishna, Bhima andArjuna and king Yudhishthira the just are disposed to be virtuous,abandoning virtue I desire an encounter with Duryodhana in battle.’

“Satyaki said, ‘The high-souled Sahadeva, O thou of mighty arms, hathspoken the truth. The rage I feel towards Duryodhana can be appeased onlyby his death. Dost thou not remember the rage thou too hadst felt uponbeholding in the woods the distressed Pandavas clad in rags anddeer-skins? Therefore, O foremost of men, all the warriors assembled hereunanimously subscribe to what the heroic son of Madri, fierce in battle,hath said!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘At these words of the high-souled Yuyudhana, aleonine roar was set up by all the warriors assembled there. And all theheroes, highly applauding those words of Satyaki, praised him, saying,’Excellent! Excellent!’ And anxious to fight, they all began to expresstheir joy.'”

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