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Chapter 7

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Having despatched the priest to the city calledafter the elephant they sent messengers to the kings of variouscountries. And having sent messengers to other places, the Kuru heroDhananjaya, that bull among men and son of Kunti, himself set out forDwaraka. And after Krishna and Valadeva, the descendants of Madhu, hadboth departed for Dwaraka with all the Vrishnis, the Andhakas and theBhojas, by hundreds, the royal son of Dhritarashtra had, by sendingsecret emissaries, furnished himself with information of all the doingsof the Pandavas. And learning that Krishna was on his way, the princewent to the city of Dwaraka by means of fine horses possessing the speedof the wind, and taking with him a small number of troops. And on thatvery day the son of Kunti and Pandu, Dhananjaya, also speedily arrived atthe beautiful city of the Anarta land. And the two scions of the Kururace, those tigers among men, on arriving there saw that Krishna wasasleep, and drew near him as he lay down. And as Krishna was sleeping,Duryodhana entered the room, and sat down on a fine seat at the head ofthe bed. And after him entered that wearer of the diadem the magnanimousArjuna. And stood at the back of the bed, bowing and joining his hands.And when the descendant of Vrishni, Krishna awoke, he first cast his eyeson Arjuna. And having asked them as to the safety of their journey, andhaving fitly bestowed his greetings upon them, the slayer of Madhuquestioned them as to the occasion of their visit. Then Duryodhanaaddressed Krishna, with a cheerful countenance, saying, It behoveth youto lend me your help in the impending war. Arjuna and myself are bothequally your friends. And, O descendant of Madhu, you also bear the samerelationship to both of us. And today, O slayer of Madhu, I have been thefirst to come to you. Right-minded persons take up the cause of him whocomes first to them. This is how the ancients acted. And, O Krishna, youstand at the very top of all right-minded persons in the world, and arealways respected. I ask you to follow the rule of conduct observed byrightminded men.’ Thereat Krishna replied, ‘That you have come first, Oking, I do not in the least doubt. But, O king, the son of Kunti,Dhananjaya, has been first beheld by me. On account of your firstarrival, and on account of my having beheld Arjuna first, I shall, nodoubt, lend my assistance, O Suyodhana, to both. But it is said thatthose who are junior in years should have the first choice. Therefore,Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, is entitled to first choice. There is alarge body of cowherds numbering ten crores, rivalling me in strength andknown as the Narayanas, all of whom are able to fight in the thick ofbattle. These soldiers, irresistible in battle, shall be sent to one ofyou and I alone, resolved not to fight on the field, and laying down myarms, will go to the other. You may, O son of Kunti, first selectwhichever of these two commends itself to you. For, according to law, youhave the right to the first choice.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Thus addressed by Krishna, Dhananjaya the sonof Kunti selected Kesava who was not to fight on the battle-field, evenNarayana himself, the slayer of foes, increate, born among men at his ownwill,–the foremost of all Kshatriyas and above all the gods and theDanavas. And Duryodhana selected for himself that entire army (composedof the Narayanas). And, O descendant of Bharata, having obtained thosetroops numbering thousands upon thousands, he was exceedingly delighted,although he knew that Krishna was not on his side. And having securedthat army possessed of terrible prowess, Duryodhana went to the son ofRohini of great strength, and explained to him, the object of his visit.The descendant of Sura in reply addressed the following words toDhritarashtra’s son, ‘Thou shouldst remember, O tiger among men, all thatI said at the marriage ceremony celebrated by Vitrata. O thou delighterof the race of Kuru, for thy sake I then contradicted Krishna and spokeagainst his opinions. And again and again I alluded to the equality ofour relationship to both the parties. But Krishna did not adopt the viewsI then expressed; nor can I separate myself from Krishna for even asingle moment. And seeing that I cannot act against Krishna even this isresolution formed by me, viz., that I will fight neither for Kunti’s sonsnor for you. And, O bull of the Bharatas, born as thou art in Bharata’srace that is honoured by all the kings, go and fight in accordance withthe rules of propriety.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Thus addressed, Duryodhana embraced that herowielding a plough for his weapon of battle, and although knowing thatKrishna had been taken away from his side, he yet regarded Arjuna asalready vanquished. And the royal son of Dhritarashtra then went toKritavarman. And Kritavarman gave him a body of troops numbering anAkshauhini. And surrounded by that military host, terrible to behold, theKaurava marched forth delighting his friends. And after Duryodhana haddeparted, Krishna, the Creator of the world, clad in yellow attire,addressed Kiritin, saying, ‘For what reason is it that you have selectedme who will not fight at all?’

“Thereupon Arjuna answered, ‘I question not that you are able to slaythem all. I also am alone capable of slaying them, O best of men. But youare an illustrious person in the world; and this renown will accompanyyou. I also am a suitor for fame; therefore, you have been selected byme. It hath been always my desire to have you for driving my car. I,therefore, ask you to fulfil my desire cherished for a long time.’

“Vasudeva’s son thereupon said, It beseems thee well, O Kunti’s son, thatthou measurest thyself with me. I will act as thy charioteer; let thywish be fulfilled.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Then with a glad heart, Kunti’s son,accompanied by Krishna as well as by the flower of the Dasarha race, cameback to Yudhishthira.’

Chapter 8
Chapter 6
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