Chapter 4

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Drupada said, ‘O mighty-armed one, it will, without doubt, be even asthou hast said! Never will Duryodhana give up the kingdom by peacefulmeans, and Dhritarashtra, who dotes on his son, will follow him in hiswish. And so will Bhishma and Drona from imbecility, and Karna and Sakunifrom folly. The words of Valadeva command themselves to my judgment; thecourse pointed out by him should, indeed, be followed by a man whodesires peaceful settlement. But Duryodhana should never be addressed inmild words. Vicious by nature, he, I believe cannot be brought to reasonby mildness. In respect of an ass, mildness is in place; but in respectof animals of the bovine species, severity should be resorted to. If anyone were to speak mild words to Duryodhana, vicious by nature that wickedwight would consider the speaker to be an imbecile person. If a mildcourse is adopted towards him, the fool will think that he has won. Letus do even this, let us make preparations; let us send word to ourfriends that they may collect an army for us. Let speedy messengers go toSalya, and Dhrishtaketu, and Jayatsena, and the prince of the Kekayas.Duryodhana also, on his part, will send word to all the kings,Rightminded persons, however, respond to the request of those that firstbeseech them. Therefore, I ask you to make haste in first preferring yoursuit to these rulers of men. Meseems that a great undertaking is awaitingus. Quickly send word to Salya, and to the kings under him, and to kingBhagadatta of immeasurable valour residing on the eastern sea-coast, andto fierce Hardikya, and Ahuka, and the king of the Mallas of powerfulunderstanding, and Rochamana. Let Vrihanta be summoned and kingSenavindu, and Vahlika and Mudjakesa and the ruler of the Chedis, andSuparsva, Suvahu; and that great hero, Paurava; and also the kings of theSakas, the Pahlavas, and the Daradas, and Surari, and Nadija, and kingKarnavest, and Nila, and the valiant king Viradharman; and Durjaya, andDantavakra, and Rukmi, and Janamejaya; and Ashada and Vayuvega, and kingPurvapali; and Bhuritejas, and Devaka, and Ekalaya with his sons; andalso the kings of the Krausha race, and the valiant Kshemamurti, and thekings of the Kamboja and the Richika tribes, and of the westernsea-coast; and Jayatsena and the king of Kashi, and the rulers of theland of the five rivers, and the proud son of Kratha, and the rulers ofthe mountain regions, and Janaki, and Susarman and Maniman, andPotimatsyaka, and the valiant Dhrishtaketu, and the ruler of the kingdomof Pansu; and Paundra, and Dandadhara, and the brave Vrihatsena; andAparajita, and Nishada and Srenimat and Vasumat; and Vrihadvala of greatstrength, and Vahu the conqueror of hostile cities; and the warlike kingSamudrasena with his son; and Uddhava, and Kshemaka and king Vatadhana;and Srutayus, and Dridhayus, and the gallant son of Salwa; and the kingof the Kalingas, and Kumara, unconquerable in battle. Speedily send wordto these. This is what recommends itself to me. And let this my priest,learned Brahmana, be sent, O king, to Dhritarashtra. Tell him the wordshe is to say and what Duryodhana should be told; and how Bhishma is to beaddressed, and how Drona, that best of car-warriors!”

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