Chapter 100

Mahabharata English - UDYOGA PARAVA

“Narada continued, ‘Here is that spacious and celebrated city of cities,called Hiranyapura, belonging to the Daityas and Danavas, possessing ahundred diverse kinds of illusion. Here in these regions called Patala,it hath been built with great care by the divine artificer, and plannedby the Danava Maya. Endued with great energy and heroism, many Danavas,having obtained boons (from Brahman) in days of old, lived here,exhibiting a thousand different kinds of illusion. They were incapable ofbeing vanquished by Sakra or any other celestial, that is, by eitherYama, or Varuna, or the Lord of treasures (Kuvera). Here dwell, O Matali,those Asuras called Kalakhanjas who sprang from Vishnu, and thoseRakshasas also called Yatudhanas who sprang from the feet of Brahman. Allof them are endued with frightful teeth, terrible impetus, the speed andprowess of the wind, and great energy depending on powers of illusion.Besides these, another class of Danavas called Nivatakavachas, who areinvincible in battle, have their abode here. Thou knowest bow Sakra isunable to vanquish them. Many times, O Matali, thou, with thy sonGomukha, and the chief of the celestials and lord of Sachi, along withhis son, had to retreat before them. Behold their homes, O Matali, thatare all made of silver and gold, and well-adorned with decorations doneaccording to the rules of art. All those mansions are decked with lapislazuli and corals, and made effulgent with the lustre of theArkasphatika, and the radiance of gem called Vajrasara. And many of thosepalatial residences seem, as if, they have been made of the shine ofthese gems called Padmaragas, or of bright marble, or of excellent wood.And they are also possessed of the radiance of the sun, or blazing fire.And all the edifices, adorned with gems and jewels, are very high andstand close to another. Of spacious proportions and great architecturalbeauty, it is impossible to say of what material these mansions are builtor to describe their style of beauty. Indeed, they are exceedinglybeautiful in consequence of their decorations. Behold these retreats ofthe Daityas for recreation and sport, these beds of theirs for sleep,these costly utensils of theirs set with precious stones, and these seatsalso for their use. Behold these hills of theirs, looking like clouds,those fountains of water, these trees also that move of their own willand that yield all fruits and flowers that one may ask. See, O Matali, ifany bridegroom may be had here, acceptable to thee. If no one can befound, we shalt, if thou likest, go hence to some other part of theworld.’ Thus addressed, Matali answered Narada, saying, ‘O celestialRishi, it behoveth me not to do anything that may be disagreeable todwellers of heaven. The gods and the Danavas, though brothers, are everat hostility with each other. How can I, therefore, make an alliance withthose that are our enemies? Let us repair, therefore, to some otherplace. It behoveth me not to search among the Danavas. As regardsthyself, I know thy heart is ever set on fomenting quarrels.'”

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