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Chapter 11

Mahabharata English - STRI PARVA

Vaishampayana said, “Dhritarashtra had not proceeded for more than twomiles when he met with those three great car-warriors, Sharadvatas sonKripa, Dronas son (Ashvatthama), and Kritavarma. As soon as the latterobtained a sight of the blind monarch possessed of great power, the threeheroes sighed in grief and with voices choked in tears weepinglyaddressed him, saying, Thy royal son, O king, having achieved the mostdifficult feats, has, with all his followers, gone to the region ofIndra. We are the only three car-warriors of Duryodhanas army that haveescaped with life. All the others, O bull of Bharatas race, haveperished. Having said these words unto the king, Sharadvatas son Kripa,addressing the grief-afflicted Gandhari, said these words unto her, Thysons have fallen while engaged in achieving feats worthy of heroes, whilefearlessly fighting in battle and striking down large numbers of foes.Without doubt, having obtained those bright worlds that are attainableonly by the use of weapons, they are sporting there like celestials,having assumed resplendent forms. Amongst those heroes there was no onethat turned back from battle. Every one of them has fallen at the end oredge of weapons. None of them joined his hands, begging for quarter.Death in battle at the end or edge of weapons has been said by theancients to be the highest end that a Kshatriya can obtain. It behoveththee not, therefore, to grieve for any of them. Their foes, O queen, thePandavas, too, have not been more fortunate. Listen, what we, headed byAshvatthama, have done unto them. Learning that thy son had been slainunrighteously by Bhima, we slaughtered the Pandavas after entering theircamp buried in sleep. All the Pancalas have been slain. Indeed, all thesons of Drupada, as also all the sons of Draupadi, have been slaughtered.Having caused this carnage of the sons of our foes, we are flying awaysince we three are incapable of standing in battle with them. Our foes,the Pandavas, are all heroes and mighty bowmen. They will soon come upwith us, filled with rage, for taking vengeance on us. Hearing theslaughter of their sons, those bulls among men, infuriated with rage,those heroes, O illustrious lady, will speedily pursue our track. Havingcaused a carnage (in their sleeping camp) we dare not stay. Grant uspermission, O queen! It behoveth thee not to set thy heart on sorrow.Grant us thy permission also, O king! Summon all thy fortitude. Do thoualso observe the duties of a Kshatriya in their highest form. Having saidthese words unto the king, and circumambulating him, Kripa and Kritavarmaand Dronas son, O Bharata, without being able to withdraw their eyes fromking Dhritarashtra possessed of great wisdom, urged their steeds towardsthe banks of the Ganga. Moving away from that spot, O king, those greatcar-warriors, with hearts plunged in anxiety, took one anothers leave andseparated from one another. Sharadvatas son, Kripa, went to Hastinapura;Hridikas son repaired to his own kingdom; while the son of Drona set forthe asylum of Vyasa. Even thus those heroes, who had offended thehigh-souled sons of Pandu, respectively proceeded to the places theyselected, afflicted with fear and casting their eyes on one another.Having met the king thus, those brave chastisers of foes, before the sunrose, went away, O monarch, to the places they chose. It was after this,O king, that the sons of Pandu, those great car-warriors, encountered theson of Drona, and putting forth their prowess, vanquished him, O monarch,(in the way already related).”



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