Chapter 70

Mahabharata English - SABHAKRIYA PARVA

“Karna said,–‘We have never heard of such an act (as this one ofDraupadi), performed by any of the women noted in this world for theirbeauty.

When the sons of both Pandu and Dhritarashtra were excited withwrath, this Draupadi became unto the sons of Pandu as their salvation.Indeed the princess of Panchala, becoming as a boat unto the sons ofPandu who were sinking in a boatless ocean of distress, hath brought themin safety to the shore.'”

Vaisampayana continued,–“Hearing these words of Karna in the midst ofthe Kurus,–viz., that the sons of Pandu were saved by their wife,–theangry Bhimasena in great affliction said (unto Arjuna),–‘O Dhananjaya,it hath been said by Devala three lights reside in every person, viz.,offspring, acts and learning, for from these three hath sprung creation.When life becometh extinct and the body becometh impure and is cast offby relatives, these three become of service to every person. But thelight that is in us hath been dimmed by this act of insult to our wife.How, O Arjuna, can a son born from this insulted wife of ours proveserviceable to us?

“Arjuna replied,–‘Superior persons, O Bharata, never prate about theharsh words that may or may not be uttered by inferior men. Persons thathave earned respect for themselves, even if they are able to retaliate,remember not the acts of hostility done by their enemies, but, on theother hand, treasure up only their good deeds.’

‘Bhima said,–‘Shall I, O king, slay, without loss of time all these foesassembled together, even here, or shall I destroy them, O Bharata, by theroots, outside this palace? Or, what need is there of words or ofcommand? I shall slay all these even now, and rule thou the whole earth,O king, without a rival. And saying this, Bhima with his youngerbrothers, like a lion in the midst of a herd of inferior animals,repeatedly cast his angry glances around. But Arjuna, however, of whitedeeds, with appealing looks began to pacify his elder brother. And themighty-armed hero endued with great prowess began to burn with the fireof his wrath. And, O king, this fire began to issue out of Vrikodara’sears and other senses with smoke and sparks and flames. And his facebecame terrible to behold in consequence of his furrowed brows like thoseof Yama himself at the time of the universal destruction. ThenYudhishthira forbade the mighty hero, embracing him with his arms andtelling him ‘Be not so. Stay in silence and peace.’ And having pacifiedthe mighty-armed one with eyes red in wrath, the king approached hisuncle Dhritarashtra, with hands joined in entreaty.”

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