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Chapter 65

Mahabharata English - SABHAKRIYA PARVA

Duryodhana said,–‘Come, Kshatta, bring hither Draupadi the dear andloved wife of the Pandavas. Let her sweep the chambers, force herthereto, and let the unfortunate one stay where our serving-women are.’

“Vidura said,–‘Dost thou not know, O wretch, that by uttering such harshwords thou art tying thyself with cords? Dost thou not understand thatthou art hanging on the edge of a precipice? Dost thou not know thatbeing a deer thou provokest so many tigers to rage? Snakes of deadlyvenom, provoked to ire, are on thy head! Wretch, do not further provokethem lest thou goest to the region of Yama. In my judgement, slavery doesnot attach to Krishna, in as much as she was staked by the King after hehad lost himself and ceased to be his own master. Like the bamboo thatbeareth fruit only when it is about to die, the son of Dhritarashtrawinneth this treasure at play. Intoxicated, he perceiveth nor in thesehis last moments that dice bring about enmity and frightful terrors. Noman should utter harsh speeches and pierce the hearts of the others. Noman should subjugate his enemies by dice and such other foul means. Noone should utter such words as are disapproved by the Vedas and lead tohell and annoy others. Some one uttereth from his lips words that areharsh. Stung by them another burneth day and night. These words piercethe very heart of another. The learned, therefore, should never utterthem, pointing them at others. A goat had once swallowed a hook, and whenit was pierced with it, the hunter placing the head of the animal on theground tore its throat frightfully in drawing it out. Therefore, ODuryodhana, swallow not the wealth of the Pandavas. Make them not thyenemies. The sons of Pritha never use words such as these. It is only lowmen that are like dogs who use harsh words towards all classes of people,viz., those that have retired to the woods, those leading domestic lives,those employed in ascetic devotions and those that are of great learning.Alas! the son of Dhritarashtra knoweth not that dishonesty is one of thefrightful doors of hell. Alas! many of the Kurus with Dussasana amongstthem have followed him in the path of dishonesty in the matter of thisplay at dice. Even gourds may sink and stones may float, and boats alsomay always sink in water, still this foolish king, the son ofDhritarashtra, listeneth not to my words that are even as regimen untohim. Without doubt, he will be the cause of the destruction of the Kurus.When the words of wisdom spoken by friends and which are even as fitregimen are not listened to, but on the other hand temptation is on theincrease, a frightful and universal destruction is sure to overtake allthe Kurus.”

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