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Chapter 47

Mahabharata English - SABHAKRIYA PARVA

“Sakuni said.–‘O Duryodhana, thou shouldst not be jealous ofYudhishthira. The sons of Pandu are enjoying what they deserve inconsequence of their own good fortune.

O slayer of foes, O great king,thou couldst not destroy them by repeatedly devising numberless plans,many of which thou hadst even put to practice. Those tigers among men outof sheer luck escaped all those machinations. They have obtained Draupadifor wife and Drupada with his sons as also Vasudeva of great prowess asallies, capable of helping them in subjugating the whole world. And Oking, having inherited the paternal share of the kingdom without beingdeprived of it they have grown in consequence of their own energy. Whatis there to make thee sorry for this? Having gratified Hustasana,Dhananjaya hath obtained the bow Gandiva and the couple of inexhaustiblequivers and many celestial weapons. With that unique bow and by thestrength of his own arms also he hath brought all the kings of the worldunder his sway. What is there to make thee sorry for this? Having savedthe Asura Maya from a conflagration, Arjuna, that slayer of foes, usingboth his hands with equal skill, caused him to build that assembly house.And it is for this also that commanded by Maya, those grim Rakshasascalled Kinkaras supported that assembly house. What is there in this tomake thee sorry? Thou hast said, O king, that thou art without allies.This, O Bharata, is not true. These thy brothers are obedient to thee.Drona of great prowess and wielding the large bow along with his son,Radha’s son Karna, the great warrior Gautama (Kripa), myself with mybrothers and king Saumadatti–these are thy allies. Uniting thyself withthese, conquer thou the whole of the earth.’

“Duryodhana said,–‘O king, with thee, as also with these great warriors,I shall subjugate the Pandavas, if it pleases thee. If I can nowsubjugate them, the world will be mine and all the monarchs, and thatassembly house so full of wealth.’

“Sakuni replied,–‘Dhananjaya and Vasudeva, Bhimasena and Yudhishthira,Nakula and Sahadeva and Drupada with his sons,–these cannot bevanquished in battle by even the celestials, for they are all greatwarriors wielding the largest bows, accomplished in weapons, anddelighting in battle. But, O king, I know the means by which Yudhishthirahimself may be vanquished. Listen to me and adopt it.’

“Duryodhana said,–‘without danger to our friends and other illustriousmen, O uncle, tell me if there is any way by which I may vanquish him.’

“Sakuni said,–‘The son of Kunti is very fond of dice-play although hedoth not know how to play. That king if asked to play, is ill able torefuse. I am skillful at dice. There is none equal to me in this respecton earth, no, not even in the three worlds, O son of Kuru. Therefore, askhim to play at dice. Skilled at dice, I will win his kingdom, and thatsplendid prosperity of his for thee, O bull among men. But, O Duryodhana,represent all this unto the king (Dhritarashtra). Commanded by thy fatherI will win without doubt the whole of Yudhishthira’s possessions.’

“Duryodhana said ‘O son of Suvala, thou thyself represent properly allthis to Dhritarashtra, the chief of the Kurus. I shall not be able to doso.

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