Chapter 92

Mahabharata English - KARNA PARVA

“Sanjaya said, ‘Beholding the troops crushed with arrows in thatencounter between Karna and Arjuna, Shalya proceeded, filled with wrath,on that car divested of equipment. Beholding his army deprived of theSuta’s son and its cars and steeds and elephants destroyed, Duryodhana,with eyes bathed in tears, repeatedly sighed the very picture of woe.Desirous of beholding the heroic Karna, pierced with arrows and bathed inblood, and stretched on the earth like the sun dropped from the skies atwill, the warriors came there and stood surrounding the fallen hero.Amongst those belonging to the enemy and thy army that thus stood there,some showed signs of joy, some of fear, some of sorrow, some of wonder,and some gave themselves up to great grief, according to their respectivenatures. Others amongst the Kauravas, hearing that Karna of mighty energyhad been slain by Dhananjaya, his armour, ornaments, robes, and weaponshaving all been displaced, fled in fear like a herd of kine afflictedwith exceeding fear at losing its bull. Bhima then, uttering loud roarsand causing the welkin to tremble with those awful and tremendous shouts,began to slap his armpits, jump, and dance, frightening theDhartarashtras by those movements. The Somakas and the Srinjayas alsoloudly blew their conchs. All the Kshatriyas embraced one another in joy,upon beholding the Suta’s son slain at that juncture. Having fought adreadful battle, Karna was slain by Arjuna like an elephant by a lion.That bull among men, Arjuna, thus accomplished his vow. Indeed even thus,Partha reached the end of his hostility (towards Karna). The ruler of theMadras, with stupefied heart, quickly proceeding, O king, to the side ofDuryodhana, on that car divested of standard said in sorrow these words,”The elephants, the steeds, and the foremost of car-warriors of thy armyhave been slain. In consequence of those mighty warriors, and steeds, andelephants huge as hills, having been slain after coming into contact withone another, thy host looks like the domains of Yama. Never before, OBharata, has a battle been fought like that between Karna and Arjunatoday. Karna had powerfully assailed the two Krishnas today and allothers who are thy foes. Destiny, however, has certainly flowed,controlled by Partha. It is for this that Destiny is protecting thePandavas and weakening us. Many are the heroes who, resolved toaccomplish thy objects have been forcibly slain by the enemy. Bravekings, who in energy, courage, and might, were equal to Kuvera or Yama orVasava or the Lord of the waters, who were possessed of every merit, whowere almost unslayable, and who were desirous of achieving thy object,have in battle been slain by the Pandavas. Do not, O Bharata, grieve forthis. This is Destiny. Comfort thyself. Success cannot be alwaysattained.” Hearing these words of the ruler of the Madras and reflectingon his own evil doings. Duryodhana, with a cheerless heart, became almostdeprived of his senses and sighed repeatedly the very picture of woe.'”

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