Chapter 6

Mahabharata English - KARNA PARVA

“Dhritarashtra said, ‘Thou hast, O son, mentioned the names of those ofmy side that have been slain in battle by the Pandavas. Tell me now, OSanjaya, the names of those amongst the Pandavas that have been slain bythe people of my side!’

“Sanjaya said, ‘The Kuntis possessed of great prowess in battle, enduedwith great energy and great might, have been slain in fight by Bhishma,with all their kinsmen and advisers. The Narayanas, the Valabhadras, andhundreds of other heroes, all devoted (to the Pandavas) have been slainin battle by the heroic Bhishma. Satyajit, who was equal to thediadem-decked Arjuna himself in battle as regards energy and might, hathbeen slain in battle by Drona of sure aim. Many mighty bowmen among thePancalas, all of whom were skilled in battle, encountering Drona, haverepaired to Yama’s abode. So the two kings Virata and Drupada, bothvenerable in years, who exerted themselves with great prowess for theirally, have, with their sons, been slain in battle by Drona. Thatinvincible hero, viz., Abhimanyu, who, though a child in years, was stillequal in battle to Arjuna or Keshava or Baladeva, O lord, that, warriorwho was highly accomplished in battle, after making an immense slaughterof the foe, was at last encompassed by six foremost of car-warriors andslain by them. Unable to resist Arjuna himself, they thus slew Arjuna’sson! Deprived of his car, that hero, viz., the son of Subhadra, stillstayed in battle, remembering the duties of a Kshatriya. At last, O king,Duhshasana’s son slew him on the field. The slayer of the Patachchatras,viz., the handsome son of Amvashtha, surrounded by a large force, had putforth all his prowess for the sake of his allies. Having made a greatslaughter among the foe, he was encountered by Duryodhana’s son, thebrave Lakshmana, in battle and despatched to Yama’s abode. The mightybowman Vrihanta, accomplished in arms and invincible in battle, hath beendespatched to Yama’s abode by Duhshasana, exerting himself with greatprowess. The two kings Manimat and Dandadhara, both of whom wereinvincible in battle and had put forth their prowess for their allies,have been slain by Drona. Ansumat the ruler of the Bhojas, that mightycar-warrior at the head of his own forces, hath been despatched to Yama’sabode by Drona exerting himself with great prowess. Citrasena, the rulerof the sea-coast, with his son, O Bharata, hath been forcibly despatchedby Samudrasena to Yama’s abode. Another ruler of a maritime country,viz., Nila, and Vyaghradatta of great energy, have both, O king, beendespatched to Yama’s abode by Ashvatthama. Citrayudha and Citrayodhin,after making a great slaughter, have both been slain in battle by Vikarnaexerting himself with great prowess and displaying diverse manoeuvres ofhis car. The chief of the Kaikeyas, who was equal to Vrikodara himself inbattle and surrounded by Kaikeya warriors, has been slain by Kaikeya, thebrother by the brother. Janamejaya of the hilly country, endued withgreat prowess and accomplished in encounters with the mace, hath, O king,been slain by thy son Durmukha. Those two foremost of men, viz., thebrothers Rochamana, like two brilliant planets, have together beendespatched to heaven by Drona with his shafts. Many other kings, Omonarch, endued with great prowess, have fought (for the Pandavas) Havingachieved the most difficult feats, all of them have gone to Yama’s abode.Purujit and Kuntibhoja, the two maternal uncles of Savyasaci, have beendespatched by Drona with shafts to such regions as are attained by deathin battle. Abhibhu the Kasis, at the head of many of his followers, hathbeen obliged by Vasudana’s son to lay down his life in battle. Yudhamanyuof immeasurable prowess, and Uttamauja of great energy, after slayinghundreds of heroic warriors, have themselves been slain by our men. ThePancala prince Mitravarman, O Bharata, those two foremost of bowmen, havebeen despatched to Yama’s abode by Drona. Shikhandi’s son Kshatradeva,that foremost of warriors, possessed of great bravery, hath, O king, beenslain by thy grandson Lakshmana, O sire! The two heroes Sucitra andCitravarman, who were sire and son and endued with great might, and whocareered fearlessly in battle, have been slain by Drona. Vardhakshemi, Omonarch, who was like the ocean at full tide, having had his weaponsexhausted in battle, hath at last obtained undisturbed peace. Thatforemost of Sutas, viz., Senavindu, having consumed many foes in battle,hath, at last, O king been slain by Bahlika. Dhrishtaketu, O monarch,that foremost of car-warriors among the Cedis, after accomplishing themost difficult feats, hath repaired to the abode of Yama. Similarly, theheroic Satyadhriti, endued with great prowess, having made a greatslaughter in battle for the sake of the Pandavas, has been despatched toYama’s abode. That lord of Earth, viz., Suketu, the son of Shishupala,having slain many foes, hath at last been slain by Drona in battle.Virata’s son Sankha, as also Uttara of great strength, havingaccomplished the most difficult feats, have repaired to Yama’s abode.Similarly, Satyadhriti of the Matsyas, and Madiraswa of great energy, andSuryadatta possessed of great prowess, have all been slain by Drona withhis shafts. Srenimat also, O monarch, having fought with great prowessand accomplished the most difficult feats, hath repaired to Yama’s abode.Similarly, the chief of the Magadhas, that slayer of hostile heroes,endued with great energy and acquainted with the highest weapons,sleepeth on the field of battle, slain by Bhishma. Vasudana also, havingmade an immense carnage in battle, has been despatched to Yama’s abode byBharadwaja’s son exerting himself with great prowess. These and manyother mighty car-warriors of the Pandavas have been slain by Dronaexerting himself with great energy. I have now told them all that thouhadst asked me.'”

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