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Chapter 17

Mahabharata English - DRONA PARVA

“Sanjaya said, ‘The troops of both the armies, having proceeded to theirtents, duly took up their quarters, O king, according to the divisionsand the sub-divisions to which they belonged. Having withdrawn thetroops, Drona, in great cheerlessness of mind, beholding Duryodhana, saidthese words in shame: ‘I told thee before that when Dhananjaya is byYudhishthira, he is incapable of being seized in battle by the very gods.Although all of you fell upon him in battle, yet Partha frustrated allyour attempts. Do not doubt what I say, Krishna and Pandu’s son (Arjuna)are invincible. If, however, Arjuna of white steeds can, by any means, bewithdrawn (from Yudhishthira’s side), then Yudhishthira, O king, shallsoon come under thy control. Let some one challenging him (Arjuna) inbattle draw him away to some other part of the field. The son of Kuntiwill not return without vanquishing him. Meanwhile, when Arjuna will notbe by, O monarch, I will seize king Yudhishthira the just, penetratingthrough the Pandava host in the very sight of Dhrishtadyumna. Thus, Omonarch, I will, without doubt, bring Yudhishthira, the son of Dharma,along with his followers, under control. If that son of Pandu stays evenfor a moment before me in battle, I will bring him a captive from thefield. That feat will be more advantageous than victory (over the Pandavaarmy).’

“Sanjaya continued, ‘Hearing those words of Drona, the ruler of theTrigartas, O monarch, with his brothers, said these words: ‘We, O king,are always humiliated by the wielder of Gandiva! O bull of Bharata’srace, although we have done him no injury, yet he hath always injured us.Remembering all those diverse instances of humiliation, we burn in wrathand are never able to sleep at night. By good luck, that Arjuna, armedwith weapons, will stand before us. That therefore, which is in our heartand which we strive to accomplish, we are resolved to achieve now, thatviz., which will be agreeable to thee, and which will bring us renown.Taking him out of the field will slay him. Let the earth today be withoutArjuna or let it be without the Trigartas. We truly swear this beforethee. This our vow will never be false.’ And Satyaratha and Satyavarman,O Bharata, and Satyavrata and Satyeshu, and Satyakarman also, havingspoken similarly, those five brothers together, with ten thousand cars,came, O king, (before Duryodhana), having taken that oath on the field ofbattle. And the Malavas, and the Tundikeras with thousand cars, and thetiger among men, Susarman, the ruler of Prasthala, with the Mavellakas,the Lalithas, and the Madrakas, accompanied by ten thousand cars and hisbrothers, and with another ten thousand cars from diverse realms cameforward for taking the oath. Then bringing fire, and each makingpreparations for igniting one for himself, they took up ropes Kusa grassand beautiful coats of mail. And equipped in mail, bathed in clarifiedbutter, clad in robes of Kusa grass, and with their bow-strings servingas girdles, those heroes, who had given away hundreds and thousands aspresents to Brahmanas, who had performed many sacrifices, had beenblessed with children, and were deserving of blessed regions hereafter,who had nothing more to do in this world, who were deserving of blessedregions hereafter, who were prepared to lay down their lives in battle,and who devoted their souls to the attainment of fame and victory, whowere desirous of soon repairing by fair fight to those regions(hereafter) that are attainable by means only of sacrifices, withabundant presents to Brahmanas, and by means also of the rites, the chiefamongst which are Brahmacharya and study of the Vedas, those heroes,having each gratified Brahmanas by giving them gold,[30] and kine, androbes, and having addressed one another in loving discourse, ignitedthose fires and took that vow in battle. And in the presence of thosefires, firmly resolved, they took that vow. And having made that vow forthe slaughter of Dhananjaya, they, in the hearing of creatures, veryloudly said, Those regions that are for persons who have never adoptedany vows, are for one who drinketh wine, those that are for him who hathadulterous connection with his preceptor’s wife, those that are for himwho robbeth the property of a Brahmana, or for him who enjoyeth theking’s grant without satisfying the condition of that grant or for himwho abandoneth one asking for shelter, or for him who slayeth a candidatefor his favour, those that are for persons that set fire to houses andfor those that slay kine, those regions that are for those that injureothers, those that are for persons harbouring malice against Brahmanas,those that are for him who from folly doth not seek the companionship ofhis wife in her season, those also that are for those that seek thecompanionship of women on the day they have to perform the Sraddha oftheir ancestors, those that are for persons that injure their own selves,or for those that misappropriate what is deposited with them fromconfidence or for those that destroy learning, or for those who battlewith eunuchs, or for those that follow persons that are mean thoseregions that are for atheists, or for those that abandon their (sacred)fires and mothers, and those regions also that are for the sinful, thoseshall be ours, if without slaying Dhananjaya we return from the field, orif, ground by him on the field, we turn back from fear. If, again, wesucceed in achieving in battle feats the most difficult of accomplishmentin the world, we shalt then, without doubt, obtain the most desirableregions. Having said these words, O king, those heroes then marched tobattle, summoning Arjuna towards the southern part of the field. Thattiger among men, and subjugator of hostile cities, Arjuna, thuschallenged by them, said these words unto king Yudhishthira the Justwithout any delay: ‘Summoned, I never turn back. This is my fixed vow.These men, sworn to conquer or die, are summoning me, O king, to greatbattle. This Susarman here, with his brothers, summoneth me to battle. Itbehoveth thee to grant me permission for slaying him, with all hisfollowers. O bull among men, I am unable to brook this challenge. I tellthee truly, know these foes to be (already) slain in battle.’

“Yudhishthira said, ‘Thou hast heard, O child, in detail, what Drona hathresolved to accomplish. Act thou in such a way that that resolve of hismay become futile. Drona is endued with great might. He is a hero,accomplished in arms, and above fatigue. O mighty car-warrior, even hehath vowed my seizure.’

“Arjuna said, ‘This Satyajit, O king, will today become thy protector inbattle. As long as Satyajit lives, the preceptor will never be able toattain his desire. If, however, O lord, this tiger among men, Satyajit,be slain in battle, thou shouldst not then remain on the field even ifsurrounded by all our warriors.’

“‘Sanjaya continued, ‘King Yudhishthira then gave (Arjuna) the leave (hesought). And he also embraced Arjuna and eyed him affectionately. Anddiverse were the benedictions that the king uttered on him. Having madethis arrangement (for Yudhishthira’s protection),[31] the mighty Parthawent out against the Trigartas, like a hungry lion, for assuaging hishunger upon a herd of deer. Then Duryodhana’s troops, filled with joy atArjuna’s absence (from Yudhishthira’s side), became furious for theseizure of Yudhishthira. Then both the hosts, with a great impetuosity,encountered each other, like the Ganga and the Sarayu in the season ofrains when both streams are swollen with water.'”

Chapter 18
Chapter 16
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