Chapter 24

Mahabharata English - BHISHMA PARVA

Dhritarashtra said,–“There (on the field of battle) O Sanjaya, thewarriors of which side first advanced to battle cheerfully? Whose heartswere filled with confidence, and who were spiritless from melancholy? Inthat battle which maketh the hearts of men tremble with fear, who werethey that struck the first blow, mine or they belonging to the Pandavas?Tell me all this, O Sanjaya. Among whose troops did the flowery garlandsand unguents emit fragrant odours? And whose troops, roaring fiercely,uttered merciful words?”

Sanjaya said,–“The combatants of both armies were cheerful then and theflowery garlands and perfumes of both troops emitted equal fragrance.And, O bull of Bharata’s race, fierce was the collision that took placewhen the serried ranks arrayed for battle encountered each other. And thesound of musical instruments, mingled with the blare of conches and thenoise of drums, and the shouts of brave warriors roaring fiercely at oneanother, became very loud. O bull of Bharata’s race, dreadful was thecollision caused by the encounter of the combatants of both armies,filled with joy and staring at one another, and the elephants utteringobstreperous grunts.”

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