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Chapter 41

Mahabharata English - ASWAMEDHA PARVA

“Brahmana said, ‘That Mahat who was first produced is called Egoism. Whenit sprang up as I, it came to be called as the second creation. ThatEgoism is said to be the source of all creatures, for these have sprungfrom its modifications. It is pure effulgence and is the supporter ofconsciousness. It is Prajapati. It is a deity, the creator of deities,and of mind. It is that which creates the three worlds. It is said to bethat which feels–I am all this.–That is the eternal world existing forthose sages who are contented with knowledge relating to the soul, whohave meditated on the soul, and who have won success by Vedic study andsacrifices. By consciousness of soul one enjoys the qualities. Thatsource of all creatures, that creator of all creatures, creates (allcreatures) even in this way. It is that which causes all changes. It isthat which causes all beings to move. By its own light it illuminates theuniverse likewise.'”



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