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Chapter 24

Mahabharata English - ASWAMEDHA PARVA

“The Brahmana said, ‘In this connection is cited the ancient story of thediscourse between Narada and the Rishi Devamata.’

“Devamata said, ‘What verily, comes first into existence, of a creaturethat takes birth? Is it Prana, or Apana, or Samana, or Vyana, or Udana?’

“Narada said, ‘By whatever the creature is created, that first comes untohim which is other (or separate from him). The life winds are to be knownas existing in pairs, viz., those that move transversely, upwards, anddownwards.’

“Devamata said, ‘By whom (among the life-winds) is a creature produced?Who (amongst) them comes first? Do thou tell me what the pairs are of thelife-winds, that move transversely, upwards, and downwards.’

“Narada said, ‘From Sankalpa (wish) arises Pleasure. It also arises fromsound. It arises also from taste; it arises too from colour. From thesemen, united with blood, first flows Prana. Upon the semen beingmodified by Prana, flows Apana. Pleasure arises from the semen as well.It arises from taste also. This is the form (effect) of Udana. Pleasureis produced from union. Semen is generated by desire. From desire isproduced the menstrual flow. In the union of semen and blood, generatedby Samana and Vyana, the pair that consists of Prana and Apana, enters,moving transversely and upwards, Vyana and Samana both form a pair thatmoves transversely. Agni (fire) is all the deities. Even this is theteaching of the Veda. The knowledge of Agni arises in a Brahmana withintelligence. The smoke of that fire is of the form of (the attributecalled) Darkness. The attribute that is known by the name of Passion isin its ashes. The quality of goodness arises from that portion of thefire into which the oblation is poured.[66] They that are conversant withsacrifices know that Samana and Vyana are from the attribute of Goodness.Prana and Apana are portions of the oblation (of clarified butter).Between them is the Fire. That is the excellent form (or seat) of Udana,as the Brahmanas know. Listen as I say which is distinct from the pairs.Day and Night constitute a pair. Between them is the Fire. That is theexcellent seat of Udana as the Brahmanas know. The existent and thenon-existent form a pair. Between them is the Fire. That is the excellentseat of Udana as the Brahmanas know. First is Samana; then Vyana. Thelatter’s function is managed through it (viz., Samana). Then, secondly,Samana once more comes into operation. Only Vyana exists fortranquillity. Tranquillity is eternal Brahman. This is the excellent seatof Udana as the Brahmanas know.'”[67]

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🙏 धर्म और आध्यात्म को जन-जन तक पहुँचाने में हमारा साथ दें| 🙏