Chapter 13

Mahabharata English - ASRAMAVASIKA PARVA

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Thus addressed by king Yudhishthira, Vidura, thatforemost of all intelligent persons, returned to Dhritarashtra and saidunto him these words of grave import. ‘I at first reported thy message toking Yudhishthira. Reflecting on thy words, Yudhishthira of greatsplendour applauded them highly. Vibhatsu also, of great energy, placesall his mansions, with all the wealth therein, as also his verylife-breaths, at thy disposal. Thy son, king Yudhishthira, too, offersthee, O royal sage, his kingdom and life-breath and wealth and all elsethat belongs to him. Bhima, however, of mighty arms, recollecting all hisinnumerable sorrows, has with difficulty given his consent, breathingmany heavy sighs. That mighty-armed hero, O monarch, was solicited by therighteous king as also by Vibhatsu, and induced to assume relations ofcordiality towards thee. King Yudhishthira the just, his prayed thee notto give way to dissatisfaction for the improper conduct which Bhima hasdisplayed at the recollection of former hostilities. This is generallythe behaviour of Kshatriyas in battle, O king, and this Vrikodara isdevoted to battle and the practices of Kshatriyas. Both myself andArjuna, O king, repeatedly beg thee for pardoning Vrikodara. Be graciousunto us. Thou art our lord. Whatever wealth we have, thou mayst give awayas thou likest, O ruler of Earth. Thou, O Bharata. art the Master of thiskingdom and of all lives in it. Let the foremost one of Kuru’s race giveaway, for the obsequial rites of his sons, all those foremost of giftswhich should be given to the Brahmanas. Indeed, let him make those giftsunto persons of the regenerate order, taking away from our mansionsjewels and gems, and kine, and slaves both mate and female, and goats andsheep. Let gifts be made unto also those that are poor or sightless or ingreat distress, selecting the objects of his charity as he likes. Let, OVidura, large pavilions be constructed, rich with food and drink ofdiverse tastes collected in profusion. Let reservoirs of water beconstructed for enabling kine to drink, and let other works of merit beaccomplished.–Even these were the words said unto me by the king as alsoby Pritha’s son Dhananjaya. It behoveth thee to say what should be donenext. After Vidura had said these words, O Janamejaya, Dhritarashtra hissatisfaction at them and set his heart upon making large presents on theday of full moon in the month of Kartika.”‘

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