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Chapter 8

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

“Vyasa said, ‘O wise Dhritarashtra, hear what I say! I will tell theethat which is for the great good of all the Kauravas! O thou of mightyarms, it hath not pleased me that the Pandavas have gone to the forestdishonestly defeated (at dice) by Duryodhana and others! O Bharata, onthe expiration of the thirteenth year, recollecting all their woes, theymay shower death-dealing weapons, even like virulent poison, upon theKauravas! Why doth thy sinful son of wicked heart, ever inflamed withire, seek to slay the sons of Pandu for the sake of their kingdom? Letthe fool be restrained; let thy son remain quiet! In attempting to slaythe Pandavas in exile, he will only lose his own life. Thou art as honestas the wise Vidura, or Bhishma, or ourselves, or Kripa, or Drona, O thouof great wisdom, dissension with one’s own kin are forbidden, sinful andreprehensible! Therefore, O king, it behoveth thee to desist from suchacts! And, O Bharata, Duryodhana looketh with such jealousy towards thePandavas that great harm would be the consequence, if thou didst notinterfere. Or let this wicked son of thine, O monarch, along andunaccompanied, himself go to the forest and live with the sons of Pandu.For then, if the Pandavas, from association, feel an attachment forDuryodhana, then, O king of men, good fortune may be thine. (This,however, may not be)! For it hath been heard that one’s congenital natureleaveth him not till death. But what do Bhishma and Drona and Vidurathink? What also dost thou think? That which is beneficial should be donewhile there is time, else thy purposes will be unrealised.'”

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🙏 धर्म और आध्यात्म को जन-जन तक पहुँचाने में हमारा साथ दें| 🙏