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Chapter 274

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

“Markandeya said, ‘Then the Brahmarshis, the Siddhas and the Devarshis,with Havyavaha as their spokesman, sought the protection of Brahma. AndAgni said, ‘That powerful son of Visrava, the Ten-headed cannot be slainon account of thy boon! Endued with great might he oppresseth in everypossible way the creatures of the earth. Protect us, therefore, Oadorable one! There is none else save thee to protect us!’

“Brahma said, ‘O Agni, he cannot be conquered in battle by either thegods or the Asuras! I have already ordained that which is needful forthat purpose. Indeed his death is near! Urged by me, the four-headed Godhath already been incarnate for that object. Even Vishnu, that foremostof smiters will achieve that object!’

“Markandeya continued, ‘Then the Grandsire also asked Sakra, in theirpresence, ‘Be thou, with all the celestials, born on earth! And beget yeon monkeys and bears, heroic sons possessed of great strength and capableof assuming any form at will as allies of Vishnu!’ And at this, the gods,the Gandharvas and the Danavas quickly assembled to take counsel as tohow they should be born on earth according to their respective parts. Andin their presence the boon-giving god commanded a Gandharvi, by nameDundubhi saying, ‘Go there for accomplishing this object!’ And Dundubhihearing these words of the Grandsire was born in the world of men as thehunchbacked Manthara. And all the principal celestials, with Sakra andothers begot offspring upon the wives of the foremost of monkeys andbears. And those sons equalled their sires in strength and fame. And theywere capable of splitting mountain peaks and their weapons were stonesand trees of the Sala and the Tala species. And their bodies were hard asadamant, and they were possessed of very great strength. And they wereall skilled in war and capable of mustering any measure of energy atwill. And they were equal to a thousand elephants in might, and theyresembled the wind in speed. And some of them lived wherever they liked,while others lived in forests. And the adorable Creator of the Universe,having ordained all this, instructed Manthara as to what she would haveto do. And Manthara quick as thought, understood all his words, and wenthither and thither ever engaged in fomenting quarrels.”



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