Chapter 17

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

“Vasudeva continued, ‘O bull of the Bharata race, having spoken thus untothe Yadavas, the son of Rukmini (Pradyumna) ascended his golden car. Andthe car he rode was drawn by excellent steeds in mail. And over it stooda standard bearing the figure of a Makara with gaping mouth and fierce asYama. And with his steeds, more flying than running on the ground, herushed against the foe And the hero equipped with quiver and sword, withfingers cased in leather, twanged his bow possessed of the splendour ofthe lightning, with great strength, and transferring it from hand tohand, as if in contempt of the enemy, spread confusion among the Danavasand other warriors of the city of Saubha. And as hot in contempt of the,foe, and continuously slew the Danavas in battle, no one could mark theslightest interval between his successive shafts. And the colour of hisface changed not, and his limbs trembled not. And people only heard hisloud leonine roars indicative of wonderful valour. And the aquaticmonster with mouth wide open, that devourer of all fishes, placed ongolden flag-staff of that best of cars, struck terror into the hearts ofSalwa’s warriors. And, O king, Pradyumna, the mower of foes rushed withspeed against Salwa himself so desirous of an encounter! And, Operpetuator of the Kuru race, braved by the heroic Pradyumna in thatmighty battle, the angry Salwa could ill bear the challenge! And thatconqueror of hostile cities, Salwa, maddened by anger, descended from hisbeautiful car of unchecked speed, resolved to encounter Pradyumna. Andthe people beheld the fight between Salwa and the foremost of Vrishniheroes, which was even like unto the encounter between Vasava with Vali.And, O hero, mounting on his beautiful car decked with gold and furnishedwith flags and flag-staffs and quivers, the illustrious and mighty Salwabegan to discharge his arrows at Pradyumna! Pradyumna also by the energyof his arms, overwhelmed Salwa in the combat by a thick shower of arrows.The king of Saubha, however, thus attacked in battle by Pradyumna,endured him not, but discharged at my son arrows that were like blazingfire. But the mighty Pradyumna parried off that arrowy shower. Beholdingthis, Salwa rained on my son other weapons of blazing splendour. Then, Oforemost of monarchs, pierced by the shafts of Salwa, the son of Rukminidischarged without loss of time an arrow that was capable of entering thevitals of a foe in fight. And that winged shaft shot by my son, piercingSalwa’s mail, entered his heart–whereupon he fell down, in a swoon. Andbeholding the heroic king Salwa fallen down deprived of sense, theforemost of the Danavas fled away rending the ground beneath their feet.And, O lord of the earth, the army of Salwa sent up exclamations of Oh!and Alas! seeing their king, the lord of Saubha, drop down bereft ofsense! And O son of the Kuru race, regaining his senses, the mighty Salwarose and all of a sudden discharged his arrows on Pradyumna. Then theheroic and mighty armed Pradyumna, sorely pierced by his adversary abouthis throat, was enfeebled on his car. And, O mighty king, wounding theson of Rukmini, Salwa sent up a shout like unto the roar of a lion, andfilling the entire earth with it! And, O Bharata, when my son becamesenseless, Salwa, without losing a moment, again discharged at him othershafts difficult to bear. And pierced with numberless arrows and deprivedof his senses, Pradyumna, O chief of the Kuru race, became motionless onthe field of battle!'”

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