Chapter 155

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Vaisampayana said, “Once upon a time Yudhishthira, while living at thatplace, addressed Krishna, his brother, and the Brahmanas, saying, ‘By ushave been attentively seen one after another sacred and auspicioustirthas, and woods, delightful to beheld, which had ere this been visitedby the celestials and the high-souled sages, and which had beenworshipped by the Brahmanas. And in various sacred asylums we haveperformed ablutions with Brahmanas, and have heard from them the livesand acts of many sages, and also of many royal sages of yore, and otherpleasant stories. And with flowers and water have the gods beenworshipped by us. And with offerings of fruits and roots as available ateach place we have gratified the pitris. And with the high-souled oneshave we performed ablutions in all sacred and beautiful mountains andlakes, and also in the highly sacred ocean. And with the Brahmanas wehave bathed in the Ila, and in the Saraswati, and in the Sindhu, and inthe Yamuna, and in the Narmada, and in various other romantic tirthas.And having passed the source of the Ganga, we have seen many a lovelyhill and the Himalaya mountains, inhabited by various species of birds,and also the jujube named Visala, where there is the hermitage of Naraand Narayana. And (finally) we have beheld this unearthly lake, held inveneration by the Siddhas, the gods and the sages. In fact, O foremost ofBrahmanas, we have one by one carefully seen all celebrated and sacredspots in company with the high-souled Lomasa. Now, O Bhima, how shall werepair to the sacred abode of Vaisravana, inhabited by the Siddhas? Dothou think of the means of entering (the same).”

Vaisampayana said, “When that king had said this, an aerial voice spake,saying. ‘Thou will not be able to go to that inaccessible spot. By thisvery way, do thou repair from this region of Kuvera to the place whencethou hadst come even to the hermitage of Nara and Narayana, known by thename of Vadari. Thence, O Kaunteya. thou wilt repair to the hermitage ofVrishaparva, abounding in flowers and fruit, and inhabited by the Siddhasand the Charanas. Having passed that, O Partha, thou wilt proceed to thehermitage of Arshtisena, and from thence thou wilt behold the abode ofKuvera.’ Just at that moment the breeze became fresh, and gladsome andcool and redolent of unearthly fragrance; and it showered blossoms, Andon hearing the celestial voice from the sky, they all were amazed,–morespecially those earthly rishis and the Brahmanas. On hearing this mightymarvel, the Brahmana Dhaumya, said, ‘This should not be gainsaid. OBharata, let this be so.’ Thereupon, king Yudhishthira obeyed him. Andhaving returned to the hermitage of Nara and Narayana, he began to dwellpleasantly, surrounded by Bhimasena and his other brothers, Panchali theBrahmanas.”

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