Chapter 151

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Vaisampayana said, “When that foremost of monkeys had gone away, Bhima,the best of strong men, began to range the huge Gandhamadana along thatpath. And he went on, thinking of Hanuman’s body and splendour unrivalledon earth, and also of the greatness and dignity of Dasaratha’s son. Andproceeding in search of the place filled with lotuses of that kind, Bhimabeheld romantic woods, and groves, and rivers, and lakes graced withtrees bearing blossoms, and flowery woodlands variegated with variousflowers. And, O Bharata, he beheld herds of mad elephants besmeared withmud, resembling masses of pouring clouds. And that graceful one went onwith speed, beholding by the wayside woods wherein there stood with theirmates deer of quick glances, holding the grass in their mouths. Andfearless from prowess, Bhimasena, as if invited by the breeze-shakentrees of the forest ever fragrant with flowers, bearing delicate copperytwigs, plunged into the mountainous regions inhabited by buffaloes, bearsand leopards. And on the way, he passed by lotus-lakes haunted bymaddened black-bees, having romantic descents and woods, and on accountof the presence of lotus-buds, appearing as if they had joined theirhands (before Bhima). And having for his provisions on the journey thewords of Draupadi, Bhima went on with speed, his mind and sight fixed onthe blooming slopes of the mountain. And when the sun passed themeridian, he saw in the forest scattered over with deer, a mighty riverfilled with fresh golden lotuses. And being crowded with swans andKarandavas, and graced with Chakravakas, the river looked like a garlandof fresh lotuses put on by the mountain. And in that river that one ofgreat strength found the extensive assemblage of Saugandhika lotuses,effulgent as the rising sun, and delightful to behold. And beholding it,Pandu’s son thought within himself that his object had been gained, andalso mentally presented himself before his beloved worn out by exile.”

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