Chapter 150

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

Vaisampayana said, “Then contracting that huge body of his, which he hadassumed at will, the monkey with his arms again embraced Bhimasena. And OBharata, on Bhima being embraced by his brother, his fatigue went off,and all (the powers of body) as also his strength were restored. Andhaving gained great accession of strength, he thought that there was noneequal to him in physical power. And with tears in his eyes, the monkeyfrom affection again addressed Bhima in choked utterance, saying, ‘Ohero, repair to thy own abode. May I be incidentally remembered by theein thy talk! O best of Kurus, do not tell any one that I abide here. Othou of great strength, the most excellent of the wives of the gods andGandharvas resort to this place, and the time of their arrival is nigh.My eyes have been blessed (by seeing thee). And, O Bhima, having felt ahuman being by coming in contact with thee, I have been put in mind ofthat son of Raghu, who was Vishnu himself under the name of Rama, and whodelighted the heart of the world; and who was as the sun in regard to thelotus face of Sita, and also to that darkness–Ravana. Therefore, Oheroic son of Kunti, let not thy meeting with me be fruitless. Do thouwith fraternal feeling ask of me a boon, O Bharata. If this be thy wish,that going to Varanavata, I may destroy the insignificant sons ofDhritarashtra–even this will I immediately do. Or if this be thy wishthat, that city may be ground by me with rocks, or that I may bindDuryodhana and bring him before thee, even this will I do to-day, O thouof mighty strength.’

Vaisampayana said, “Hearing those words of that high-souled one,Bhimasena with a cheerful heart answered Hanuman, saying, ‘O foremost ofmonkeys, I take all this as already performed by thee. Good happen tothee. O mighty-armed one! I ask of thee this,–be thou well pleased withme. O powerful one, on thy having become our protector, the Pandavas havefound help. Even by thy prowess shall we conquer all foes.” Thusaddressed, Hanuman said unto Bhimasena, ‘From fraternal feeling andaffection, I will do good unto thee, by diving into the army of thy foescopiously furnished with arrows and javelins. And, O highly powerful one,O hero, when thou shall give leonine roars, then shall I with my own, addforce to shouts. Remaining on the flagstaff of Arjuna’s car will I emitfierce shouts that will damp the energy of thy foes. Thereby ye will slaythem easily.’ Having said this unto Pandu’s son, and also pointed him outthe way. Hanuman vanished at that spot.”

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