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Chapter 105

Mahabharata English - ARANYAKA PARVA

“Lomasa said, ‘That blessed saint, the son of Varuna, having reached thesea spake unto the assembled gods, and the saints gathered together,saying ‘I surely am going to drink up the ocean–that abode of the god ofwaters. Be ye quickly ready with those preparations which it devolvesupon you to make.’ Having spoken these few words, the unswervingoffspring of Mitra and Varuna, full of wrath, began to drink up the sea,while all the worlds stood observing (the deed). Then the gods, togetherwith Indra, seeing how the sea was being drunk up, were struck withmighty amazement, and glorified him with laudatory words, saying, ‘Thouart our protector, and the Providence itself for men,–and also thecreator of the worlds. By thy favour the universe with its gods maypossibly be saved from havoc.’ And the magnanimous one, glorified by thegods–while the musical instruments of celestial choristers were playingall round, and while celestial blossoms were showered upon him–renderedwaterless the wide ocean. And seeing the wide ocean rendered devoid ofwater, the host of gods was exceedingly glad; and taking up choiceweapons of celestial forge, fell to slaying the demons with courageoushearts,–And they, assailed by the magnanimous gods, of great strength,and swift of speed, and roaring loudly, were unable to withstand theonset of their fleet and valorous (foes)–those residents of the heavenlyregions, O descendant of Bharata! And those demons, attacked by the gods,bellowing loudly, for a moment carried on terrible conflict. They hadbeen in the first instance burnt by the force of penances performed bythe saints, who had matured their selves; therefore, the demons, thoughthey tried to the utmost, were at last slaughtered by the gods. Anddecked with brooches of gold, and bearing on their persons ear-rings andarmlets, the demons, when slain, looked beautiful indeed, like palasatrees when full of blossoms. Then, O best of men! a few–the remnant ofthose that were killed of the Kalakeya race, having rent asunder thegoddess Earth, took refuge at the bottom of the nether regions. And thegods, when they saw that the demons were slain, with diverse speeches,glorified the mighty saint, and spake the following words. ‘O thou ofmighty arms, by thy favour men have attained a mighty blessing, and theKalakeyas, of ruthless strength have been killed by thy power, O creatorof beings! Fill the sea (now), O mighty-armed one; give up again thewater drunk up by thee.’ Thus addressed, the blessed and mighty saintreplied, ‘That water in sooth hath been digested by me. Some otherexpedient, therefore, must be thought of by you, if ye desire to makeendeavour to fill the ocean.’ Hearing this speech of that saint ofmatured soul, the assembled gods were struck with both wonder andsadness, O great king! And thereupon, having bidden adieu to each other,and bowed to the mighty saint all the born beings went their way. And thegods with Vishnu, came to Brahma. And having held consultation again,with the view of filling up the sea, they, with joined hands, spake aboutreplenishing it.”

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