Chapter 56

Mahabharata English - ANUSASANA PARVA

“Chyavana said, ‘I should certainly, O chief of men, tell you everythingabout the circumstance for which, O monarch, I came hither forexterminating thy race. This is well-known, O king, that the Kshatriyasshould always have the assistance of the sons of Bhrigu in the matter ofsacrifices. Through an irresistible decree of Destiny, the Kshatriyas andthe Bhargavas will fall out. The Kshatriyas, O king, will slay thedescendants of Bhrigu. Afflicted by an ordinance of fate, they willexterminate the race of Bhrigu, not sparing even infants in theirmothers’ wombs. There will then spring in Bhrigu’s race a Rishi of thename of Urva. Endued with great energy, he will in splendour certainlyresemble fire or the sun. He will cherish such wrath (upon hearing of theextermination of his race) as will be sufficient to consume the threeworlds. He will be competent to reduce the whole earth with all hermountains and forests into ashes. For a little while he will quell theflames of that fiery rage, throwing it into the Mare’s mouth that wandersthrough the ocean. He will have a son of the name of Richika. The wholescience of arms, O sinless one, in its embodied form will come to him,for the extermination of the entire Kshatriya race, through a decree ofDestiny. Receiving that science by inward light, he will, byYoga-puissance, communicate it to his son, the highly-blessed Jamadagniof cleansed soul. That tiger of Bhrigu’s race will bear that science inhis mind. O thou of righteous soul, Jamadagni will wed a girl, taking herfrom thy race, for spreading its glory, O chief of the Bharatas. Havingobtained for wife the daughter of Gadhi and thy grand-daughter, O kingthat great ascetic will beget a regenerate son endued with Kshatriyaaccomplishments. In thy race will be born a son, a Kshatriya endued withthe virtues of a Brahmana. Possessed of great righteousness, he will bethe son of Gadhi. Known by the name of Viswamitra, he will in energy cometo be regarded as the equal of Vrihaspati himself, the preceptor of thecelestials. The illustrious Richika will grant this son to thy race, thisKshatriya that will be endued with high penances. In the matter of thisexchange of sons, (viz., a Kshatriya son in the race of Bhrigu and aBrahamana son in thy race) the cause will be two women. All this willhappen at the command of the grandsire. It will never be otherwise. Untoone that is third in descent from thee, the status of Brahmanahood willattach. Thou shalt become a relative (by marriage) of the Bhargavas.’

“Bhishma continued, ‘Hearing these words of the high-souled asceticChyavana, king Kusika became filled with joy, and made answer in thefollowing words, ‘Indeed, O best of the Bharatas’, he said, ‘So be it!’Endued with high energy, Chyavana once more addressed the king, and urgedhim to accept a boon from himself. The king replied, ‘Very well.’ Fromthee, O great ascetic, I shall obtain the fruition of my wish. Let myrace become invested with the status of Brahmanahood, and let it alwaysset its heart upon righteousness.’ The ascetic Chyavana, thus solicited,granted the king’s prayer, and bidding farewell to the monarch, set outon his intended tour to the sacred waters. I have now told theeeverything, O Bharata, relating to thy questions, viz., how the Bhrigusand the Kusikas became connected with each other by marriage. Indeed, Oking, everything fell out as the Rishi Chyavana had said. The birth ofRama (of Bhrigu’s race) and of Viswamitra (of Kusika’s race) happened inthe way that Chyavana had indicated.'”

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