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February 12, 2016 • Spirituality, True Master

Some More Spiritual Parables

  1. We find a big stone which has been lying in deep water for a pretty long time. Yet it has not lost the quality of igniting fire. Likewise, a saint does not give-up his divine nature despite being surrounded by disfavourable environment for long.


  1. A blacksmith uses bellows which provide air to the furnace as he polishes the utensils. As the blacksmith blows the bellows, they sound as if they are breathing, but in reality there is no life breath within them. Similarly, we see men moving about breathing but the wise men think that they are floating lifeless bodies if they are bereft of the eternal Truth.


  1. Pure Gold is the same internally and externally. Likewise, the life of a saint is true and pure both intrinsically and externally. Saints are true at heart and their dealings with others are also truthful.


  1. Quite often , the human mind is linked with a temple. The mind can, however become a temple only if God dwells in it.


  1. If a particular part of the body is diseased, we going for the best available medical treatment to cure it. We do not chop it off or throw it away. Similarly, saints do not shun others on account of their faults. They own them notwithstanding the same. In fact, they help them to overcome their shortcomings.


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