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January 15, 2016 • Congregation

My Purpose of Attending Sangat/Congregation

Attending the sangat, called as company of saints has its immense importance, whose value cannot be underestimated. Hence its mendatory to ponder upon the subject of the same that what major benefits are obtained by joining the company of the saints. Here are given some key aspects of joining the same.

  1. To bring into my life, Spirituality.
  2. To rid my mind of negativity
  3. To become one with this divine entity
  4. To be consumed by love and humility
  5. To share experiences of my daily activity
  6. To acknowledge that all certainly contain this divinity
  7. To see Nirankar’s presence with complete clarity
  8. To learn to give up this body, mind and all possessions in their entirety
  9. To be an ambassador of brotherhood and unity
  10. To recharge my batteries with tolerance and positivity.
  11. To see everyone with eyes of equality.
  12. To sing praises of this God Almighty.
  13. To learn from our Satguru and fill my heart with purity.
  14. To understand why I’m on this earth and how life is filled with     possibility.
  15. To learn to live this life as a Gurusikh, in
  16. To realize that anger and hatred, intolerance and war are all example s of futility.
  17. To believe in the one all-pervading religion, humanity.

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