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February 10, 2016 • God, True Master

Role of the True Master

God’s attributes are countless; most of which have been scribed in the Holy Scriptures. The salient features are stated in the following lines:
God has two forms- one is the visible manifestation, the nature- the living and non living objects and creatures, while the other one is invisible spirit of God. God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, all pervading, formless, permeating the whole universe and in betwixt the earth and the sky and beyond that. God is dimensionless, insurmountable and beyond comprehension.

God cannot be known by merely reading and reciting the scriptures, performing rites and rituals, meditation and penance, visiting shrines, having dip in the holy water and such like other karam kand. This true entity of God can be known, understood and perceived only through the spiritual guide, who reveals the face of the God and one does behold the all pervading God by divine gesture. This formless spirit of God can be revealed to the seeker only by the grace of God himself and none else. God is manifested in the form of the true master (satguru) and his sacred task is to disseminate divine knowledge to everyone who asks for it. He comes to redeem the errant and to spirituality enlighten the people of all shades of opinion, religions and faiths, cultures and nationalities all over the world. The true master satguru belongs the whole humanity and not to any particular religion, sect, community and country.

There can be no peace without God and no God realization is possible without the Satguru. The true master has countless qualities. He is the messenger and son of God, god incarnate. But the most outstanding feature and distinction of the true master is that he makes possible what others consider as impossible. That is he reveals the God and establishes direct and constant link of man with God. He loves one and all and takes into his divine lap every human being. Irrespective of caste, color, creed, status, symbol, and nationality. The true master does not take into account the seeker’s faults and failings. He is kind, compassionate and merciful. Forgives past follies and bestows the knowledge of God. The enlightened person attains peace , bliss and salvation and gets relieved of barricades and barriers taboos and traditions, rites and rituals , omens and superstitious.


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